Noctua NF-A14 PWM Chassis Fan

So I'll start with a little backstory so if anyone is interested they can read on.. I've got a Bitfenix Prodigy with a AMD A10 6800k running just as a cpu and an Asus GTX 760 DCUII GPU. I have two Cougar Vortex CF-V12HP running at the back and top exhausting and a stock prodigy fan (which is poor) at the front as an intake.

I'm looking at getting a Noctua NF-A14 PWM fan (which is a good price at £20 for saying that Noctua are supposedly an expensive brand) to replace the stock prodigy fan which will hopefully level out the pressure in the case as well as help keep the heat down that vents out down when im gaming..

Thoughts? Thanks in advance

Cougars are known for moving lots and lots of air.  I'm not sure if Noctuas will be up to the task for the CFM airflow.  Perhaps move one of those cougars to the front as an intake?

Noctua's are fine, they have got a much better cfm performance than Cougors. At the end of the day if your not sure, go to the manufactures websites and compare specs.


Thanks, if I moved a cougar I would have less coverage and I would only have cooling to the lower part of the case and not the mb, cpu etc.

Just about to hit order now on a Noctua