Noctua case fans

do pc gamers put all noctua case fans in there systems?

I don't, although I do have a couple of NF-F12 fans lying around, but I don't particularly like the airflow of them. I personally want some Cougar fans which seem to be just as quiet as Noctua but can push way more air when you need them to. In the end it's your choice, get whatever you think is best

Noctua fans are made for pressure, rather than air flow. DON'T GET ME WRONG they are excellent all rounders...nothing wrong with having them as all your fans.

They are perfect for putting behind hdd cages/on the front (to force some air in through small vent holes) and on heatsinks and radiator....any wheres where air flow is tight...

if you need airflow in a regualr situation, look at the Corsiar AF120/af140 quiet fans, bitfenix, BeQuite fans, NOCTUA DOES make airflow fans as well, Arctic, NZXT Cooler master, silverstone


might as well list every bran while I'm at it...

The one Cougar fan I have in my system makes a high-pitched whirring noise at anything other than max speed. It's pretty annoying. I think it's a Vortex pwm model.

ya i like better high air flow for my case. i don't have noctua but i just wondered why it is premoted so much.

I found the Cougar CFD fans to be more silent and push more air than Noctua. Little bit of a whirr if I get close to the case though.