No X.M.P. setting in UEFI (SOLVED)


I have a MSI B85-G43 Gaming Motherboard and I looked for the setting on the place where it is used to be but it isn't there. Anyone who has the same problem or solution to this problem?

Help is much appreciated!


Manual.over clock. XMP is only really to save you time. Just DIY it.

The RAM is rated to 1866 but the motherboard only allows me to manualy set 1600mhz

Hmmm interesting. You should be able to push it to what ever wreckless limit you like with.manual. you need to.enter the right voltage, CA's timing and speed together though. This is why XMP saves time as it just autos all of that.

I checked with the manufacturers website your motherboard supports ram up to 1600 mhz apparently that is the limit.
so if xmp is 1866 it's only logical the option isn't there.