No windows showing - urgent

Hey there smart guys, I need your help. wgen I start my pc running win 7 it shows the motherboard screen on the monitor, bit the keyboard does not light up and does not react to my pressing delete. then I can select to run windows normally or in safe mode with my keyboard. And after that it shows "loading windows" or something for a couple of secs and after that the monitor goes into standby. I trief a different monitor - same result. Any ideas what to do?

Did you try booting it in safe or VGA mode? your resolution might be set too high for the screen, Ive had that problem before.


ok, so it happend again. After a few runs of useless auto-repair, I unplugged all USB devices and my PS2 keyboard and plugged the keyboard into a USB slot. No problem anymore.

I'm using the Zowie Celeritas which was lucky since it has USB and a PS2 adapter.