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No Windows drivers for E-MU 0204 USB

So I'm getting an E-MU 0204 USB at a bargain of a price. Part of the deal was that I get a decent pair of headphones (getting AKGs K-240 MKII's) and that I find the drivers for the thing. Well, so far it's been a bit of a struggle. I've found no working drivers for Windows and the drivers within Windows are crap. Creative has the Mac drivers, and the old E-MU site is still up, but the driver download is broken.

I thought you guys might have a solution to my problem. If anyone has a driver CD, I'd be very grateful if you could share the files.

Have a look at this site

Beta drivers for Windows 7 x86 and x64 (might work) or supposidly if you manually look for the drivers via update device in Device Manager you can select them there.

Don't know what OS you are running but worth a shot.

Yeah that CD download is missing. that was the first thing i checked. 0202 drivers dont't work either. Thanks for the help, though.

Hi. I have the original ISO with the drivers, however, I cant share it, unless I am allowed to post links (-_-).
I made a CD rip from the original driver’s CD, many years ago.
I have the same 0204 USB. Though, I dont use it much, but just today, I had to connect it to the PC again, so had to search for drivers :slight_smile: I went online first, but then I had to make a full search over my local archive. If anyone needs the ISO, you can PM me for the link.