No video with two different graphics cards installed

Hello, i’m quite new to these forums, i hope i’m doing this right

I’ve built a workstation using a supermicro x10dal-i, two e5-2680v3’s, some dell (hynix) server ram, and a vega 64
I wanted to setup sr-iov/gpu passthrough, but when i add a second graphics card, i can’t get the bios to display on any of the screens or outputs (vga, dvi, hdmi, dp) It can boot to an operating system fine, both graphics cards are detected, windows 7 of course has no idea how to handle them both, but they both show up in the device manager
My arch linux install shows up fine in tty, and i should be able to configure it further should i wish to do so
My only issue is not being able to use the bios while both cards are installed, it simply does not show up, neither does grub.
i can hear the machine go through the post beeps, and everything sounds like it’s in order, does anyone know what could be the problem ? i’ve tried with an hd 7970, an hd 6970 and a gt 210, all of them behave the same

Does anyone have any clues, thank you very much

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Good luck OP!

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the primary video output should be only plugged into main/first pci-e gpu.

You should be able to set PCI-e as primary video output in the UEFI BIOS.
(also try running in legacy mode, mobo may not like new gpus.)

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Hi, thanks for the reply, all pci-e slots are running in legacy mode, the main graphics card is installed in the slot you mentioned, however I can’t find an option to change or specify the primary video output, even looking in the manual
Is there maybe another name for it ?

it very well could be. On my board X9DRi-LN4F c602 chip it was under VGA priority.

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Well I’ve tried just about everything in the bios with no luck, and efi mode does not work on the graphics cards even alone
I guess I’ll just have to remove the secondary graphics card every time I want to access the bios, and I’ll have to make sure I don’t need grub either
Do I leave it open or edit the title ? Thanks a lot for the help !


OP wants to close.

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If you ever need this open again OP let me/ a mod know. Shoot me/ a mod a DM.