No video output on my brothers build

Hi guys,
I am currently helping my little brother putting a new system together because his old motherboard died. We only replaced the Motherboard and CPU since he didn’t have a GPU and he wants to get one later this year for cristmas. We reused his old HDD and PSU.


  • CPU AMD A-Series A10-5800K (has integrated GPU)
  • Mobo Asrock FM2A88X EXTREME4+
  • RAM 2x Kingston 99u5471 4gb or 1x Elixir M2F8G64CB8HB5N-DI 8gb
  • PSU ATX-450W P4 (I don't know the exact vendor or Model, this is whats printed to the side of it. It came with his old Amazon PC.)
  • HDD Seagate ST 1000DM003

After i put his system together everything started up nicely (CPU fan and hard drive both spin up). However the monitor which is connected via VGA gives me a "No signal" warning. I also tried hooking it up to our TV with a HDMI cable but it also doesn't show anything which is why I am sure it's a problem with my build.

Things I tried

  • I tried breadboarding it. I checked every connector with a minimal
    setup, with and without HDD and only my spare boot button. It still
    seems to start up but I don't get video.
    pictures on imgur
  • I also tried booting with just a single RAM stick in every possible
    RAM slot but still nothing.
  • I removed the battery on it and put it back in. (I don't know what i expected)
  • I connected an optical drive and tried booting with the CD that came with his motherboard
  • I tried to put his old A6-5600 processor in there. Still nothing.

I am not completely inexperienced with building PC's but there must be a stupid error i am not spotting. Otherwise I don't know what’s the cause for my problem. Could it be a UEFI/Bios error or something? The odd thing is that his old computer died the same way after he changed the GPU. The old one also had a FM2 processor with integrated graphics. I honestly don't know what to do anymore and my brother is getting frustrated because ha can't play his games. Do you guys see anything wrong with my work?

I do believe you need to plug in both ports of the CPU power connector OR switch the plug set. There are 8 pins there, therefor you need to be able to power all 8 pins.

Also you don't have any ram in.

Hi Lukas, I am myself not an experienced PC builder but I'll tell you the same advice as I was told: Remove everything and start over. Make sure you follow every steps correclty and if you're not 100% sure, just go read the manuals. I, for myself plugged my ram in the wrong slots.
Instead of 1 (2) 3 (4), I plugged my ram as (1) (2) 3 4.

You can follow step by step on how to build a PC on youtube as well.

I tried every one of my RAM sticks in every slot. Sorry if that wasn’t clear.

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Try using the DVI, Sometimes VGA and hdmi can be buggy without drivers and a firmware update.

I tried it with every one of my RAM sticks, i just didn’t put them in when I took the photographs.

Will try that when I find a monitor with DVI. Thanks.

Do you have another PSU? Pretty sure 4 pin only handles up to 95W (edit actually I think it's a lot less) and that's a 100W CPU...

Also you might want to make sure that 24 pin is plugged all the way in. It looks like there is a gap and that could cause a issue.

Damn that could be the problem. I will buy a new PSU or I will ask my friends for an old one. Thanks dude.

It’s fully plugged in I just put it together for the pictures. Thanks anyway.

there two different 5800k's , one of which is not listed as a supported cpu on the motherboards list.

The only difference between the cpu's is the part number. one come with a heatsink , the other doesn't. The board doesn't list the AD580KWOHJBOX as compatible , but only the AD580KWOA44HJ.

This SHOULDN'T matter , but could technically be possible that the board and cpu aren't compatible simply due to a part number.

Couldn't see in your Imgur album, but a commonly overlooked "no video" problem is the European/American power switch on the PSU. If yours has one, make sure it's set to your local voltage setting.

That cheap thing doesn’t have a switch at all :) Thanks anyway.

Also the board gets a lot of bad ratings on newegg for a lot of various problems so it possible it can be a doa.

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OK thanks I hope this won’t turn out to be the problem.

I was just about to say the same thing. I was going to suggest that OP has gone through reasonable steps to get the hardware working and should consider RMA.

Thanks to all of you guys. I will try everything once I get a dvi monitor and a new PSU. I will report tomorrow.