No video from newly built pc

i just put together a gaming pc but there's no video, im quite new to computer building but i have made some theories of why, if any of them make sense or if you have any other ideas PLEASE let me know.

All of the components work i believe (all the fans turn on and i know the monitor works) but my case is quite small (rosewill challenger) and my gpu is bit (powecolor r9 390), when i put the card in, i had a hard time fitting it but i eventually got it, BUT it is tilted up a littlebit, and Im fairly certain that it is in all the way because i was able to lock it back in. i saw there was a switch on the gpu, i tried turning it on with the switch one way that didnt do anything so i moved the switch over and fired it up but there was still no video.
I was also thinking that but maybe the cpu was DOA or something, there are no other computers i can try the parts on.
Any help is highly appreciated.

Also, i have a 600w psu with this, most sites recommend 750w but many forums say that 600w is just fine

Try a different PCIe slot and make sure the power connectors on the GPU is pushed in snug.

after doing some troubleshooting myself i found that the audio thing (cant remember the name) was upside down, thanks for the input

Update motherboard BIOS with USB stick.

This is normal sagging, but I've countered it by just lifting with fingertip that output end like 2mm and then tighten it there like that. Not that it makes any other difference that its just ugly.

Thats either UEFI & BIOS or OC & normal switch. In any case I think that pulling it towards output end is UEFI/OC, still you can check from driver what BIOS is it and then just Google it. I'd sure like them to include big picture to make it a lot clearer.

It's working now?

Most of the time you may have to use the on motherboard graphics connector to boot into BIOS.
In BIOS you have to switch from motherboard graphics to PCIe graphics.
Then switch the connector back to the graphics card and see if video works.
Just a suggestion. Good Luck.

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System details would be handy.