No, the term 'budget' is not dependent

Mods, maybe don’t defend sneering trolls who aren’t recommending parts in a parts request thread and then demand civility, and then partake in the semantic hairsplitting bullshit yourselves.

The term ‘budget build’ is NOT particularly dependent in this area, it means ‘as little as possible’. People will include an actual budget IN NUMBERS if this is not the case. Any building forum, r/buildapc, go through any of them, prove me wrong. 10+ years of building, people say ‘budget’ for lowest as possible, or a number if not. ALWAYS. Deal with it. For a mod with a delicate little ego, the best way to deal with it is usually a ban because they can’t handle the truth.

It’s Christmas. I’m celebrating with family.

You’re putting me in a position where I want to just ban you and forget about it.

That said, you’ve said a couple things that have put me in maximum effort mode. Lucky you.

People were trying to tailor a recommendation to your needs. We can make a different recommendation based on different things. Additionally, they’re not trolls. Every single person who posted in that thread is a valued and respected contributor to our community.

Moreover, there was no action taken by a moderator. yet

At this point, the fact that you’re still wounded over a definition indicates that it’s really not worth engaging with you further.

None of our mods or leaders have a delicate ego. You, however, seem to have some sort of an inferiority complex, since you’re making a thread defending your disrespectful behavior by nitpicking over a definition.


Ok, here’s the thing:
The term “budget” means one and only one thing - it means the amount of money someone is willing to spend.
The fact, that it’s been twisted to mean “as low as possible” in some circles of life means nothing.
Leave it alone. It’s fucking Christmas for fucks sake.

Do you know how much headaches you could have saved yourself and others by just giving us a pricepoint?

As someone who have been here for like 7 years or so (can’t remember actually) I can tell you the mods don’t really tolerate trolls…

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Yeah man, I’M not the one nitpicking over a definition, not the several trolls in my thread.

Not ONE of the trolls ‘tried to tailor’ anything either, the wanted to play semantics boogaloo, only one person made a real suggestion. Valued contributors indeed. Budget in terms of ‘budget build’ has ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS meant as cheap as possible, and I listed my needs too, colour accuracy etc., so don’t create a false narrative.

Sorry psycho but you’re wrong. In this arena we know what ‘budget’ means. Yes it obviously can mean the amount of money if an amount is mentioned. However I did not, for the EXPLICIT purpose that I didn’t want genuinely helpful users omitting an appropriate panel if it was a bit over/under.

I count 5 recommendations in the first 6 replies.

If I read Budget, I do think “Cheap” or Low cost, sometimes cynically.

  • Budget is an expected total price for a project/ item
  • Budget just means cheap

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There were a number suggested aye, but going straight to mentions from my tab brought me to the latest posts which were the troll posts. Thanks to those who provided panel #s to look up. But then the trolls went on their little spree.

Any time a link showed up, or someone recommended a model.

Acer nitro something or other, a couple LG, etc…

You wanted color accurate, you’re not going to find that under 600 pound. If you want freesync and high refresh rate, that’s going to increase the cost as well.

There could be a cultural and literal difference here.
The budget proposed by the exchequer is different to the budget you do for your accounts at months end.

In my family (UK) when we refer to a budget item we mean a cheap item, but that is not what it literally means

You are right, there were helpful people at the start of the thread, didn’t see it because of formatting.

You’re wrong about panel quality. 117 pound shipped IPS 75hz 24" panel the same colour quality as an old 4:4:4 chroma display of mine, freesync too. AOC model, very happy with it.

Troopish I use UK English too, yes, budget has a few different uses, but the entire English speaking world understands my use, look at literally any of the US YouTube building channels.

Chroma subsampling has nothing to do with color accuracy of the panel. Maybe we misunderstood your needs.

Well the answer here is both.

If you say you’re looking for a budget option, I assume you’re looking for a cheaper option for something.

If you say here’s my budget and give a number then you’re giving a price point to target.

In the case of OP it’s neither. Budget is whatever he says it is because he never explained anything and then wanted to argue the semantics of it with the people on the forum who love to argue.

This is just butthurt at this point. 10/10 would sarcastically haze again.


Another troll who doesn’t need to read to get his jollies, then literally admit to doing so because nothing will be done about his behaviour.

In actual fact I explicitly stated my needs: ‘budget’ (by your admission can mean low as possible), colour accurate, freesync, 75hz or higher.

Literally in the title in fact!!!

You can’t really have cheap, and ‘color accurate’. So people chose one to offer you. If you don’t like what they linked then politely explain why it doesn’t fit instead of acting like everyone is insulting your mother.

It’s time to put your big boy pants on and act like an adult. I can guarantee you’ll have a nicer time here if you do. If not then this probably isn’t the place for you.

Sorry, this whole thing would’ve been avoided if you just stated a price range instead of vaguely saying cheap.

It also might be worth doing some more research into colour accuracy, gamut, chroma, etc, or asking what people mean when discussing the pros/cons of different panel technologies, instead of going defensive when people point out flaws in choices.

No defending being angsty for the sake of it (going for both sides here).

I got cheap and colour accurate, troll. What now?

I also avoided a price range, as I’ve already said, so nobody would omit a panel that could be a good choice.

Call me a troll one more time and I’ll lock this thread for you too.

Act like an adult.

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If you want to not be called a troll, don’t post like one.

And you’re still wrong, what now?

Then just say something along the lines of, “I’m open to options outside of my range, as long as they satisfy everything I want”?

This is amazingly blown out of proportion.