No Systems Beep on boot

Hey guys

A few days ago my new mouse arrived (Func ms-3) and I had several driver problems between the mouse and windows 8, and so after several fix methods I finally found one that worked. However during this time I had updated by updating the bios for my motherboard (Asus M5A78L-M/USB3 AMD Socket AM3+) to the latest recommend build published by amd, using the amd rom flash utility. 

This was fine until today I attempted to take my computer out of hibernation and I failed to get a systems beep! I also failed to get any output from the computer apart from the fans that are attached directly to the psu started spinning. After leaving the computer for about 10 mins I pressed the reset button, and nothing happened, and so I pressed the off button... and nothing happened, so I hard turned the computer off and then restarted it. Again nothing happened. 

I have considered that it may have something to do with the mobo battery, however it is a very young system (about a year) and so I expect it may have something to do with the bios update, any help would be rewarded with a nice cup of tea


disconnect the power cord, take out the bios battery for about 10 minutes put it back in, and look if it works then.. if not, try to reseat the memory, reseat the gpu... check if the cpu is still good in place. check if all cables still connected, if everything is fine, then you probably bricked the bios, or something.

Do what Angel said, but you can just clean the cmos with the jumpers if you want.

Edit: just check the Manufacturing website and it has a BIOS that can be updated from a USB, now im not sure if you would have to have some input to be able to do that, or if there is a Button or its automatic.

Id send ASUS an email about that.

yeah some boards have a bios flash option from usb sticks, with a button on the board it self,  this board would probably not have it, cause its an older board. he have to look the manual on that thing.