No storage space left

ok i was backing up some data over to my linux laptop and i was not paying attention, so i over filled my drive. Now when i try to delete some files to free up space, files disappear and still no space left. Im running on ubuntu 15.04.

empty trash

I have already tried that. file gets deleted but does not free space.

rm -rf "file"

*dont trype quotes
*this will recursively delete files and directories that you specify

I dont see the directory i need to delete

Have you deleted large enough amounts of data? And what file system are you using?

if you dont see it then

ls -l

in the directory you think its in.

don't forget if you don't know how to do something

man "command you want to learn how to use"

it opens the manual. read it.

i deleted ~130GB of data and my filesystem is a lvm partition with ext4

nope checked the original file directory and the trash bin and its not in either

Whats the output of df -h?

Maybe you should check for inodes too?

df -hi

If you're out of inodes, things start reporting that you're out of disk space.

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ok my bad i was checking the wrong thing for free space. i found out that with lvm in gparted it always says 0 mb free but in computer properties it will tell you the correct amount.