No sound Debian 8

No sound is coming out of my speakers since yesterday. They were working just fine before that, I have not installed any new programs and when I tried the speakers on another computer they were working fine. I have searched the internet for answers but was unable to solve the problem. I tried turning every possible setting in the alsa mixer but that also amounted to nothing. I’m running Debian 8 please help :persevere:

try this

sudo mv /etc/asound.conf /etc/asound.conf.bak

Have you tried using pavumixer pavucontrol? Keep changing settings while running speaker-test -c 2 -l 0 in the background. Diagnosing audio problems in linux is a pain, and there are a lot of possibilities. Make sure alsamixer isn’t muting channels (look for MM on the bottom of each bar).

Is it just one output jack, or all of them? Can you record input from a mic? Does audio over HDMI work?

I think MrFigs meant pavucontrol, not pavumixer (I don’t know of a program by that name). But I would second his recommendation of running it because it’s extremely helpful when diagnosing audio problems. It should give you a list of possible output devices so if you don’t see your device listed there you know there’s some sort of configuration problem. And if it is there make sure it’s not muted or something.

You also want to check out the “playback” tab which should show any programs currently trying to produce sound. Make sure they’re sending their audio to the right device. I’ve actually found it really common that a program will try to send its audio to, for example, an HDMI device that’s not actually hooked up to speakers rather than your analog out.

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Thank you guys for the help. It turns out it was more of a hardware problem than a software one but I’ve managed to fix it.

Do you car to share just in case someone else has this exact issue?