No sound coming from audio ports. Need help

So i built my first computer back in december and i had my bose speakers pluged in to the rear realtek sound and everything was working just fine up till a moth ago.

Now when i plug in a devise it reconizes that i pluged something in but i get no sound, i have not botherd fixing it because the sound from the built in speakers on my tv via hdmi works but i will not have that for much longer. Can anyone please help.

Do you have the real realtek (heh) drivers installed? dont use the windows ones. But it sounds like you do because it recognises plugins.

Mess around with the configuration. But I assume you already tried that.

With certain realtek cards you can reconfigure ports, so that you can use another one. does it have 5.1 ports? say about 6 ports? use another one (rear, center, dunno) and try to reconfigure. See if that works. this way you can make out its software or hardware related.

This might help >>


When i look at my devices all i have is Realtek Digital Output. There is no audio jack interface.

i hope that made sense i am still farly new at this.

... or that ...


Do you have a green tick next to your speakers like this?

see what my problem was that the "speakers" thing was not there but i did finaly get it fixed i had to first uninstall the drivers then re install them. for some reson when i just installed them it did not change any thing. thank you all for your help.