No sound Asus Laptop

I have a ASUS X555LJ laptop running linux mint 18.3 and the sound has stopped working ( PC speakers and Audio Jack ).
This is not a software issue since i have the same issue if I install a different version of Linux “Arch and Debian”.
Also the sound randomly works but stops working if you move the laptop.

Is there a way to fix this problen?

When did this start?
What circumstances were present when this started recently as must be inferred by the context of your opening statement?

More than likely a module in the Kernel is misbehaving or has been blacklisted in the Kernel stack if it just began after an unspecified update.

It’s happened a while ago. I believe it started with the headphone jack not working followed by the sound from the speakers.

When this happened I had manjaro instead and now I have Linux mint installed and it still not working.

When the sound used to work, when you picked up the laptop the speakers would make a quiet pop sound.

I’m not sure if this is related but the optical drive nolonger detects any disks.

That reads more as a potential hardware issue judging by the sound ceasing after randomly working until the workstation is moved, including the DVD Player no longer being operational (a short in the wiring due to friction). If you have a Window’s installation that you are dual booting, and both work as expected, then it’s definitely on the Kernel module side. If the above doesn’t work as expected in Window’s itself, that would be enough to safely confirm it to be a hardware isssue, which would be my educated guess at this point in time as I’m assuming you not to have a dual boot setup with Window’s after re-reading your opening statement.
One other means to quickly test that theory would be to simply install Ubuntu directly to a USB flash drive to run a live session to verify the same. I’d bet the end result is the same randomness in sound degradation. That particular model of Asus is known for that issue after X amount of usage time has passed due to the OEM’s manufacturing process.

Open a terminal and type dmesg. You will get a lot of scrolling text. See what the last few lines are. Move the laptop around and then do it again. If the lines are not the same, then there is a hardware issue for sure.

You can go one further and try dmesg | grep audio and see if there are lines reporting your sound chip.

To see if it is even loaded, you can type lsmod to see what modules are loaded.

I am going to say that the mobo is failing. If you move it around and there is something rattling, open it up and remove the piece. If it is under warranty, go that route.

Either way, you are dealing with hardware issues not due to your OS choice.

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I had thought about issuing similar advice. I refrained intentionally however to force the issue of testing through several other unrelated operating systems as the control for the prevailing theory.

Even better advice nonetheless.

Sounds like your sound chip popped to me.

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the output for “dmesg | grep audio”

 [ 3.381954] snd_hda_intel 0000:00:03.0: bound 0000:00:02.0 (ops i915_audio_component_bind_ops [i915] 

The only device pulse audio detects and works is the HDMI port;

Digital Surround 5.1 ( HDMI 2)
Digital Surround 7.1 ( HDMI 2)
Digital Stereo ( HDMI 2)

I assume the analog sound chip has stopped working.

When you open also mixer or your DE’s mixer, do you see anything other than the HDMI port audio options? You may be able to soft reset your sound chip by going into BIOS/UEFI and turning the device off that way, save and reboot, and then use BIOS/UEFI to turn it on again. A BIOS/UEFI update may also be in order as well.

I personally think that it is time to eye new hardware.

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More than likely time to purchase a new workstation mate. My opinion is that failed hardware with known issues with specific hardware should simply be replaced provided the finances are available. Had a display issue with an Asus workstation that I found to be unacceptable due to faulty manufacturing from the OEM in the supply chain. Sent it back and haven’t regretted it after replacing it with a System76 Serval WS high-end workstation last year.

I have the same laptop and having the same issue :confused: Must be some manufacturers error