No signal startup

Hi guys!
I have a problem with my system.. sometimes when i start it up, i get no signal from my gfx.. and the gfx card is spinning at max speed (this keeps happening until i get it worked out). I can get the system to work but it's extremely random when it works and when it fails. When the system is running it's works like a charm. I can't figure out what's wrong.. i have seriously tried everything i know of like clear cmos, unplug everything, starting up with one stick of ram (in different slots), without the hdd and completely pull the system apart, I have cheked all connections, cheked the psu and i have unpluged the system from the powercord and then pushing the pwr button for 30 sec's. And like i said some time my "repair" works mostly it doesn't.

I have:
E6600 @ 3.01
Asus p5wdg2 ws pro
BFG 8800gts 320mb OC
4 gigs of ddr2 800mhz. (spread over 2 sticks)
Be quiet 600w psu
some baracuda hdd 320gb

Btw i built the system my self 2 years ago.
I'm upgrading soon to a 790i some ddr3 and 260...
but until then i'm stuck with this thing not working.. so if any of you guys have some knowlegde i would be very content.
also to widen my horrison :)


did you make sure that all your drivers are updated like mobo and graphics card?

i was having the similar problem a long time ago. it would be random if the video would work when i started up and i would sometimes loose signal from my gfx durring gameplay. soon the card completely died.

im not saying ur card is dieing but its a possibility.

if you have another system that can support that 8800. put it in it and see if it turns on with no problem, if so its something else. if not.....dead/dying video card


well yea i run with the latest mobo drivers, and the gfx drivers are the 1.75 i think.. beacause it's the last drivers made for the g80's all other new drivers are unstable when gaming because of the g92 and 200 series.. i think the problem is more native hardware wise... but thanks for the reply any way :)

2 may be .. it's just annoying.. not being able to game anything.. i haven't had the chance to test the card yet.. but i'm not sure if it's the mobo or gfx.

Defineatly motherboard issue.
Had same issues when my 780i died. Everything seems to start up, and all fans go max. then no picture on screen at all.
It worked 1 in 100 attempts.. A new motherboard fixed it.

Anything happened with the pc lately? like loosing electricity in whole house etc because of lightning?

No not really.. a long time ago my bios battery holder broke, so i have to hold it tight with a rubberband.. else nothing..

Mobo issue, replace it.