'No Signal' on Monitor

I opened up my PC 4 days ago to try and sort RAM out, I saw that only 4GB was recognised when I had 2x4GB sticks in. I took them out and put them back, then turned it back on. Basics first. The monitor (My TV via HDMI) displays 'Connecting...' for a few seconds before stating 'No Signal'. And so it began.

I have no idea what the issue could be, so I'll go down the extensive list of solutions I have attempted:

Taking out GPU fully, putting it back in.

Checked all connections.

Taken out and replaced each stick of RAM in each of the four slots, having no RAM still ends with the 'No Signal', everything acts the same as when RAM is there.

Tested with different HDMI + Different Monitor, no difference.

Took Power Cord out, held power button for ~1 min then turned back on, apparently some form of reset. 

Tried installing basic drivers for GPU and MOBO by disk, the disks ran but couldn't do anything as still no signal.

Listened closely to each component, all seem to be running.


All of the fans start and all of the lights come on which normally come on, accompanied by the typical noise and heat. Appears to be the same as it was when I had a display, the only difference seemingly being that I.. Well... Do not.

The really strange part to me is that it didn't crash or suddenly shut down, it simply refused to show a display after being started back up, only being off for 15 minutes. This leads me to believe that it is not a direct component issue, but what else could it be? Is there any way to tell if GPU is functioning correctly, fan is powered directly from MOBO so it doesn't say if the GPU is functioning, and it has no lights. 

I cannot test any other cables as HDMI is the only cable that my PC has which is compatible with any display monitors I have, alongside what looks like a stretched out VGA port ( It has the screws to the sides and is still blue, but is much longer horizontally, no idea what it is. I got a VGA cable without even taking notice of this, I assumed and was incorrect. No idea what it is to be honest).

My components are the following, if relevant. Parts bought and PC built last Christmas. 

CPU - AMD FX-8320

MOBO - M5A97 EVO R2.0

RAM - Kingston Red 2x4Gb

HDD - 1TB seagate HDD,

Disk Drive - Don't really know, but it does the job.

GPU - MSI R9280X Gaming 3GB


Has anybody got any ideas at all?

Tried an RGBVGA cable ( Found attachment ), no difference

well...actually im stumped. The only thing i can think of is that for some reason the HDMI controller on your graphics card gave up on life. But that is pretty isolated from the RAM so again I  have no idea. if you could try a VGA monitor or a displayport, that would be fantastic, but I assume you do not have such things on hand.

Even if the bios was bad, and you had a bricked graphics card, you would still get something to display (usually a black screen). But you have nothing at all. Somewhere along the line either the signal is lost or it is not being sent at all. Neither one is good.

I'm pretty sure something should be different if you have no memory installed at all.

Do you have the little mobo speaker thing connected? If not, connect it and see if you get any sequences of beeps when you try to boot. 

Different sequences indicate different problems.


Thanks a lot for this. I have been wondering why everyone else says the PC beeps on startup and was wondering why mine did not, this must be why,

The issue of finding the box where I put all the spare PC stuff is still to come, but I'm sure this will help me find the issue.