No Second Screen after Upgrade


i upgraded my sisters rig today

Fx-4170 cpu

M5A99X Evo mainboard

8gig corsair value ram

HD 7870 (not changed)

and after that i reinstalled windows, installed the drivers.

after rebooting the second screen was black, turning off and on again all the time.

before installing the drivers the screens were mirrored, and both working, after the restart only the first one works.

even if i set the back to mirrored the second screen wont sty on.

1st screen is connected to the dvi port with a vga adapter, 2nd one connectet to the mini display port with a dvi adapter.

i installed the newest version of catalyst.

i tried swapping the cables on the monitors, only the VGA monitor on the DVI port works, the DVI monitor on the display port does not.

i tried plugging the Dvi cable that was in the display port adapter into the built in dvi port,  and i got no signal.

it looks like no digital signal is working at the moment


ok the problem fixed itself after installing some of the windows updates