No search option in the Forum?

I just built my self a new PC and got a new 1440p monitor to go along with it. I was looking for some good looking wallpapers to go with it and noticed Logan has some awesome looking ones. My original question was going to ask him if he could share the source of the wallpapers but instead i decide to "search" if someone has already asked this question and avoid a re-post, I was surprised to find that there is no search option in the like ...why? Is it coming? whats the deal with that?

It used to be there a while ago. For some reason its gone now. In the meantime just do a google search.

(whatever you're searching for)

When you go to forum click on "active forum" there is a search option there.

Well I guess the next question is where does Logan gets those awesome wallpapers?

if you go to

there is a search option