No other genre but Metal?

Bias forum is bias. 

Metal has subgenres ... just sayin

Nope xD

We have a subforum devoted to metal because most of us listen to metal, and Logan wanted one XD. If you would like a subforum to discuss other genres, take it up with Logan. I'm sure it could be done.

What about Metalcore or melodic death metal?

If you don't like metal, you're probably in the wrong place. As it is, Logan is a huge metalhead and wanted a metal forum so he got one. This isn't a music forum anyway, it's a tech forum. If you want a music forum, I suggest you find one or make one.

Also, as it's been stated, metal has MANY sub-genres. I'm sure that you can find something you like, wether it be post-hardcore, melodic metalcore, power metal, death metal, orchestral-influence electro metal, or even glam metal (if you're into that sort of thing.)

Some amazing bands to check out would be Egypt Central (anything from the White Rabbit album), Pop Evil, Bullet For My Valentine, Sky Sanctuary (8-bit influences), or see the list below for some amazing people on bandcamp. The list is my saved file of favorites on bandcamp.

Also, this post is in no way meant to sound like metalheads are assholes and should not come across as 'love metal or die.' If it does, I apologize.

Must-listen('s?) are bolded.

Music :


Also, Semargl.

Biased forums catering to biased crowd.

Then again, it does bring an interesting point as to why metal exactly...

As in why do the people that like all the other stuff mostly like metal and/or rock as well.

Its logans and his crew's website, and they are all into metal. Thus it gets own catagory. Personally im not into metal but most people here are so i dont really bitch about it.

Point being that this is a tech site. People come and stay here because of the tech, games and other technological whatnot.

What I find interesting is the convergence of those interests and metal in the majority(something I don't think is unique to this community).

(not that I complain as I am actually one of those people)

Wow, awesome thanks.

Well look, I'm a proud metalhead, but that doesn't mean it's all I listen to.  That, to me, would be like saying I'm only ever in one mood, or only like one kind of food, or something,  I listen to all sorts of stuff, as I'm sure many others do as well.  It's all good.  But yes, Logan wanted a metal forum so, poof, here it is.  I wouldn't take it personally or anything.


I believe that we can all have our own tastes, music is merely a trivial matter when it comes to humans, but it doesn't mean that we cannot all come together and fight a common enemy... nicki minaj

Put other music into other media? Or just talk about it elsewhere. I don't listen to a TON of metal, but I love listening to records and a majority of them are metal.

I like a bit of anything but dubstep, it all depends on what mood I'm in, what I'm doing, if I'm not tired of it, and if I know any good artists in the genre.


I'm glad Logan got the metal topic in here. Good to talk with fellow metalheads...

You all know Logan has an entire website/forum for metal right?

That's why I don't really understand why other genres can't be added to the Tek Syndicate forum.