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No More Mega Threads On Tech Hardware


As moderators we’ve been discussing ways to improve the community. MEGA Threads on Hardware TECH are a problem on this forum. Things get lost, buried, or potential hidden. So after discussing it all Hardware Tech Mega Threads are being shut down effective as of today. All future MEGA Threads on Hardware Tech will be shut down and not allowed to exist. What does this mean? If you want to make a Thread about Ryzen 2 or Ryzen + processors, you can. Or if you want to talk about a specific Ryzen 2 Processor you can. However you’d have to make a separate thread for Ryzen 2 laptop processors. Basically you are allowed to make topics about individual hardware tech but not an all encompassing mega thread.

This has been added to the rules. This Annoucement will disappear in 30 days.

The Mega-Mega-Thread-Thread