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No more IEMs for me


My left eartip tried to take down the both of us in a blaze of glory this morning. As I was taking my IEMs out of my head, the rubber tri-flanged tip stayed firmly lodged in my ear canal, disengaging from the nozzle. It was absolutely terrifying.

I carry a swiss army knife with tweezers, so I took a (very tentative) shot at getting it out myself. Couldn’t see the thing in the mirror though, the stem wasn’t sticking out far enough to easily grab it. For once, I’m grateful for the on-campus health center…tweezer bro had me back in action in 60 seconds flat.

It’s weird having an eartip stuck in your ear, because you can feel something giant stuck in your ear, but you can hear just fine, since there’s a hole through it. Strange experience, would not recommend.

Anyway, friendly reminder for all IEM users to replace their eartips every 6 months (I had mine for a year +/- 1 month before this happened). As for me, though, I’m never touching those evil things again. Too traumatic. I’m gonna be rocking the basic-bitch apple earpods for a while probably, but does anyone have any budget recommendations for non-IEM earbuds? Something portable that sounds good, I don’t exercise so weight etc. isn’t a concern. Thanks and keep your ears open (fully if possible).



I don’t think I’ve ever had a tip stick in my ear, but I also only use the Monks for my mobile audio.

Praise be to Tweezer Bro.

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I had one of my Sony tips stay in one time but it easily came out without much effort. I used a paperclip to get at the little hole in the center and out it came. I was using the tip on some other buds which is why it happened. I’ve been using them for years without issue. The actual Sony brand stuff retains the tips really well.

As for non iem buds, no clue. I hated the sound from anything without tips.



Yeah I’m not sure if there are any normal earbuds that have any serious R&D put into them, since IEMs sound so much better. Maybe I’ll come back around someday, especially if I can’t find a decent substitute.

It might have happened so soon because I carried my IEMs in a soft case in my pocket. Once in a while, I’d open it up and one of the tips would have popped off—must have gotten pressed head-on. That could have stretched them faster than normal.

Tbh I could just replace my tips every 6 months. I’d have to be twice as unlucky for this to ever happen again if I’m diligent. I’ll have to think about it.



I’ve had medium tips get left in my ear. Pretty odd feeling. I just take extra caution taking out IEMs now.



I would recommend you rather to change the eartips to have something like the Spinfit (the one that I have), or the Sony dotted ones as mention by @Adubs . I think I have the same ear tips for 2 years now. I just clean them from time to time with alcohol, really important as you don’t want to have any bacteria and take care of your ears (also it’s good to remove the IEMs if you feel it begins to become damp in your ear canal to remove any moisture).

But what are the IEMs you’re rocking in the first place?



Monoprice 9927

I wasn’t sure if I was going to like IEMs at all when I bought them (they were my first pair), so the idea of $7 IEMs that sound like a sorta-capable pair was perfect. I did replace the eartips, actually, since I heard the stock ones were really uncomfortable (a running theme of the 9927’s). But the replacements were way tighter on the nozzle than the stock tips, so I doubt that’s the reason (or maybe they were so tight they permanently deformed and lost elasticity? :thinking:). I think the wear-and-tear of using triple-flange tips as an everyday carry probably made the most difference.

The alcohol tip sounds like a good idea. I ran my tips under a tap once or twice (took them off the IEMs first ofc) but that sounds like a better way. Maybe both is best; water for earwax buildup, alcohol to sanitize. I don’t feel like I need an ear infection.



The opening looks like standard wide bore. Maybe you bought for narrow bore eartips, because ya there is a difference between the two so you need to buy accordingly. Especially if you say they were very thigh and they would pop up often, maybe it’s because you put a narrow bore eartips on wide bore IEMs.

Also I couldn’t resist the fact that you’re IEMs look like cheap, so have you not consider to upgrade them, like for a Audio-Technica ATH-LS50iSBK which is still cheap? (sorry my sound freak my got out of me)

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Also available for Apple.
I use the older version of these myself and much prefer these above most IEMs due to the fact that the ear canal isn’t completely sealed off, allowing the pressure to escape which makes listening to music less fatiguing for the eardrums. The downside is that outside noises are much less muffled … which in traffic may actually be an upside.

Not exactly “budget” headphones, I know. But IMO worth every penny.



May He forever protect us from ear blockages.



You have no idea how good it felt coming out. It was almost worth it just for the sweet release.


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I can help you arrange for another blockage. :stuck_out_tongue: