No More Games for Windows Live

Games For Windows Live Marketplace will be discontinued on August 22nd and Servers will be shut dowon on July 1st, 2014. YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!

buuuuut, i still play halo 2 pc D:

me too


So there is a silver lining :)

Hummm i hope it dosent fu## up my fallout 3 goty not haveing 'Windows Live' anylonger

if my gta iv is messed up i will cry in an envelope and send it to bill gates.

Just slip a grenade in, just to be safe that you get the message across.

I play a game that reqires GFW Live... what the fuck microsoft.

You can mod games to not need G4WL.  For Fallout 3 I don't use G4WL.

Thats horrible for people who actually play those games. Also, this shouldnt be a blog post.

Dark souls uses GFWL...... As a PC user of the game that would really piss me off.

Not all GFWL games will work with the GFWL hack. Dark Souls doesn't.

Considering the amount of time, effot and stress that GFWL has caused me to get the few games I do play on it, I'm pretty pissed to find out that there all going to be about as usefull as a cucumber dipped in molten lead. The fuck microsoft... The fuck.

Glad GTA IV has the XLiveless mod, so if stuff like this were to happen, I'd be covered. Also need it to run mods...

what about multiplayer?

there are plenty of games that dont run without gfwl, they really are screwing over the consumers here, even if they are older games, they still are played.

Fuck man, bioshock 2 multiplayer is going to go out.... should get playing that.

There aren't any sh*ts for me to give.  Sorry guys.  I use single-player games.

this is fantastic. hoorah! now they will move GTA 4 to another game provider like steam for multiplayer and other garbage.

i dont know why the fuck they mad GTA4 a SINGLE player game also online... WTF