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No more fappaccinos! StarBucks blocks pr0n, or so they say


Well this is so simple. Do they keep logs or not.

Why does a coffee shop keep logs ?

Why does a coffee shop block VPN’s

Don’t go there!

To add more

A venue either lets you connect to the internet secure or spyies on you.

You pick.


Relevant, somewhat, so I’ve found an interesting solution to getting around blocking protocols or applications by signature. I run an xor proxy in front of my OpenVPN server, on a different port, so if I’m stuck behind something, I just run the XOR on my laptop, point it at my servers XOR’d OpenVPN port, then connect to the VPN. Voila! You’re out of the network. Bypasses (poorly implemented) captive portals on some networks as well.


But that labels you as “too smart” “terrorist”
Why the need in a service industry to be a spy.


Oh, I really don’t know why they need to spy.

I just thought it was an interesting thing to share, since I was extremely excited when I figured it out. :smiley:


won’t a basic vpn just stop their attempt anyways?


Huh? My VPN works fine at Starbucks. Or at least it did a couple of weeks ago. I use OpenVPN on a non-standard port, but that seems to get passed through just fine.


Simple answer: Follow the money. I’ve noticed when connecting at local Starbucks that Google is sponsoring their WiFi. The more Google knows about you, the more money it can make off of you. Presumably Starbucks gets a kickback from this relationship.


Don’t like Starbucks… Never did. But all I seem to be wondering now is how big of a problem was/is this? Are people really openly browsing and watching porn in coffee shops.


Oh, I didn’t realize that. Damn, now I need to really start tethering everywhere. I’ve always just connected and tunneled out, bypassing the T&C they ask for.


It would but all they have to do is block anything that’s not 80 + 445 and your VPN plan is foiled. My guess is they will do this and some dns blocking. Simple and effective for most things.

I could be wrong and they may not bother with any of that but in the end the kind of person who would go to starfucks probably wouldn’t know how to bypass anything.


Most commercial VPNs allow connections on 53, 80, and 443 for just that reason.


for would star buck even know how to block it :thinking: lel





In college they made all the students download this Malware which would check out system for anti-virus and nefarious things.

Turns out it only was compatible with windows and macOS.

When using Linux it didn’t require authentication with the Malware to have network access so I just ran around with arch on my laptop to my various programming classes.

Boy did I feel like a god among men.


Damn, what school? I understand why they did it, but still. Damn. Just make an untrusted network.

Story of my life. My company uses Cisco NeverConnect™, which has a built-in antivirus trojan. The OpenConnect implementation on Linux allows you to use a wrapper script for it, and I managed to hack it to just send back an “all clear” code, so I can avoid the trojan. :stuck_out_tongue:


ha ha with so much sugar and caffeine your heart and nerves go on the express lane


openconnect on fedora works out of the box


Nah I usually drink it black or use monk fruit.


Not if you need CSD.

I am using OpenConnect on Fedora.


what is that