No means no!.. ? xD

Don't have much time before the library closes so I'll write fast xD!

Today I thought I'd put up a short muse on persistence, and getting said no to.

Expecting someone to recognize your potential is tantamount to asking someone to be psychic, and I haven't seen many effective mediums lately. (although I called Cleo when I was 10 hahaha)

With any endeavor you choose to pursue, expect that you will receive no as an answer many, many, many, many, many.. many, times. I can't think of a single successful person that hasn't been looked over at some point in their life.

Your job is to keep your head up and correct inefficiencies along the way. Streamline your approach, and work out the kinks as you go along. Theirin lies the difference between dogged persistence, and working smart. Beating your head against a brick wall may (.. JUST may lol) knock it it down, but that doesn't mean you wouldn't be better off using a sledge hammer.

Be self critical, just not to the point of paralysis, as I've said before, imperfect action is superior to perfect speculation - in other words, get launched, don't wait.

If you're looking to create a gaming channel (or any other entrepreneurial pursuit), analyze your own approach, see where your hangups might be, correct course, and continue forth.. but above all get it off the ground and moving. The only currency of success is momentum. :)

Hope everyone's year has gotten off to a great start!



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