No matter what I do I can't view Steam on any browser and

No matter what I do I can't view Steam on any browser and I was already having problems with the software where I could not post with it and also I could not go to the next page on the message boards for various things. I ran SpyBot and Ad-Aware and that didn't help. I uninstalled Steam. I don't know what to do at all about this problem other than doing a wipe of my entire pc and installing everything again. I don't want to do this as it will take ages to put everything back on it with a 6/1.5 cable internet connection. Uggghhh! Help please!

"Can't view" isn't descriptive enough. Does the connection hang? does it get refused? Do you get redirected? details pls

There was a post on Facebook @Lux on the Steam page that talked of some people having put up a site that was an exact copy of Steam and I wonder if they were trying to redirect traffic to them. It could have been what caused the issue. I was just able to log onto my Steam account using IE with no trouble but I want to see further evidence that everything is fine or somewhat fine.

In regards to the Steam web page it would just continuously try to load. I only got to a new page once. During all that happened I ended up with a screen more than a few times that had error codes on it that related to Steam being down and so on. Also with the installed Steam software I couldn't even get to the store and it would show an error code after it messed up. Nightmare .... and I thought I remembered uninstalling Steam so I am going to be ticked off if that is true as I will be downloading all sorts of games again and not having all my saves.

Update: I was able to link my Steam games folder on D after reinstalling Steam on C and I see my saves are there for all the games I have checked thus far so eh so far so good. Eh but now even with the reinstall I still can't go to any page 2 or further on message boards on Steam related to games and other stuff. I don't know what is causing this issue and thus until it is resolved I will have to use Steam web page if I want to view messages and do other things related to messages such as posting in a thread and so on .... and now ... new update ... I am struggling to have this work on the web page now. :S

There are so many problems still going on that are not even related to Steam and I have used all the free known stuff to try and get the pc working as I want it to ... SpyBot, Ad-Aware, MalwareBytes, etc. all tried and so it is now time to reformat and install everything again.