No idea what the AMD gpu cycle is

Alright so I have only really been focused on Nvidia gpu's for quiet some time and I'm thinking of spreading my wings but... just one thing... I have no idea what AMD gpu's are better than other AMD gpu's for example I know the nvidia gpu cycle is (kinda good range I mean)*ie


_50 ti


_60 ti 




So I would appreciate a chart looking like this of the cycle AMD goes through for their gpu's 


Zany man

AMD GPU naming is symple and logical

First number is the generation, same as Nvidia.

Second sumber is the series, again same as Nvidia.

Third number is a minor variation of the same card. The differnece between 7850 and 7870 is kinda like the difference between GTX 660 and GTX 660 Ti.

Just learn how AMD series correspond to Nvidia series and you'll be fine. There are benchmarks for that that you can google yourself.

Alright thanks just needed someone to explain it :/

higher numeric = higher the card.

77xx low

78xx mid

79xx high