No hdcp in windows 10

as title says i have absolutely no hdcp in windows 10. according to silicondust tech support I`m having hdcp failure with there software. so i ran cyber link blue ray advisor and it says i have no hdcp. But when i boot into windows 7 it passes hdcp in cyberlink and windows media center runs and works with and accepts the hdcp.

how do i fix hdcp in windows 10. ive already tried new dvi cables changed to display port, changed monitors. i doubt its my pc as it works in windows 7.

also i did a clean install of the AMD drivers

im running 290x and the igpu at same time. 290x is running 2 144hz monitors and the igpu is running a 32 inch tv
I have igpu enabled because when i had videos running it was affecting the fps of my games so this had resolved it.
plus the original crimson drivers had broken hdcp and igpu was only way to run wmc DRM. but it works now so igpu is just for tv.

i tried disabling igpu and still no go.