No Google Maps for iOS 6

Full article on Reuters.

Quick and Dirty:

This was a long time coming. Google's Android is the most widespread mobile phone operating system in the world, and they like it that way. Weirdly, this all stemmed from a single feature: turn-by-turn navigation. The maps application on iOS never offered it, whereas Android's version does. Apple wasn't down with having a semi-crippled app controlled by a competing third party (with what I'm sure were pricey licensing fees) so they elected to create their own maps application (which as you might have guessed does include turn-by-turn).

Even though the maps application on iOS uses data sets from TomTom its pool still pales in comparison to Google's. Unfortunately, the short term fallout from this will negatively impact iOS users. However, hopefully this slap on the wrist from Google might be a wakeup call for Apple to play a little nicer with his techno-giant peers.