No getting around the windows tax?

Getting a new laptop, (Lenovo thinkpad L430 i5 8gig)

Going to use Linux (probably mint or feudora)

Can't find the laptop without Win8 oem license -_-

the only laptops i can find it without windows preinstalled are crappy low end consumer junkers -_-

So my question: is there a magic place where i can buy laptops without windows preinstalled ? or can i sell the license ? (i really don't want to give Microsoft any money, it'd be feeding the cancer)

I'm not married to this specific model, any 14" business laptop with a sturdy case & good quality keyboard will do. (<$1500 / 1200€ )

If you insist on buying Lenovo this acctualy might be hard to get arround. 

Check this from the Lenovo forums:

I order some year ago also a new Laptop. Was a german company, so maybe this will not working for you. But I orignial I wanted a Laptop from System76. There having nativ Ubuntu installed on the Laptops. 

At that time I couldn't order from Germany :(, but maybe it will work for you.


so far


THANKS Akendo, System76 is exactly what i was looking for.

You're welcome.

As already mentioned, system 76 is really nice.

The other one to consider is dell and their workstation laptops.

I was able to configure one with a 4K monitor with a good i7 chip for 1500 bucks

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