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No Formal Announcement, Wendell?


@wendell Congrats on going live!

Looks like some good tidbits. Well worth the price of admission.

I was prowling for some C++ and Python refreshers and found this. I remember you mentioning the course a while back. Hopefully it generates enough traffic to encourage a part 2.

Wendell Edit: Coupon for like half of


Distro choice for new Linux, but not computer, user?

I will post a coupon. I consider this a beta course.

We were working on a 200 level version when they were like “umm this is way too hard, make a lower level course” so this course doesn’t actually help you get a cert, but preps you for the 200 level course, for sure.

And the title got conflated with that, a bit, and some of the advice I got on launching the course was geared to the two hundred level course. So the admin helpers there were very kind and patient but I think they got mixed up a bit about what was 100 level and what was 200 level. And I did too because there is not enough “brunt work” in this. Used to ordering college students about :-\

So I will post a coupon for anyone interested, but I’d like to really hone this to be somehting special.

This isn’t excalibur yet, but it could be the lumpy meteorite iron that could be forged into excalibur, maybe.



Also should post a link. @anon79053375, pics are nice, but links tell a better story.

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I was just thinking that :grin:

Threw it in the OP

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That is exciting. I think course 100 has some juicy stuff in it.

Plus, it’s ~7 hours of Level1Linux content, basically – Who can be mad at that?!

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I’m excited to see what the 200 level course looks like and I’m tempted to buy this just to give it an audit and my feedback.



you get a coupon, for sure, maybe even better than the one Im about to post



Aww, thanks hon!



That is my intention. I am comfortable with the major Linux OS’es (sans Gentoo lmao) but I want to spread the good word of L1T



I’m comfortable with Gentoo, just not Portage. lol

I’m tempted to give it another try now that I’ve got 12 cores of awesome sitting next to me though.



k, if its $12 that’s a steal. I wanted to price it around $50 but they made it $179 and it is half off most of the time, the coupon might take a little bit more off. No idea how that works.

But I see they put it on crazy sale for $12 for a while so. that’s good I guess. I am supposed to live stream it on the linux channel but I struggle with imposter syndrone a bit on this and the more I rewatch it the more I want to add to it or “but acksually” myself.

Plus also I have a lot of other stuff going on that simply can’t be dealt with later. It’s hard.

So yeah, check that out and let me know you guys. If you guys go through it and its ok, I will live stream on the linux channel.

I kind of also want to add more excercises so think about what might make sense for exercises on the existing material, and post back plz. thx



Oh, you don’t have control over the pricing? Damn.

Well, I’m going to pull the trigger on this and I’ll let you know how it looks soon.

Absolutely. I’ll send you some detailed notes on it. I’ve also got a Linux noob of an IRL friend who’s probably interested in it, so I’ll get feedback from him as well.




That may or may not be a pretty good offer :thinking:

BTW wendell, did udemy contact you, or did you contact them to do a course?


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Kinda? its a bit wishywashy. I can set the base, and add a coupon… but you know.

Originally, some big names were involved – Linux Foundation – but they became disinterested after a month or so and then the course content pivoted toward more basic stuff with the idea being two courses together that would prep you for your linux cert. But I put less time into it as a result of the LF thing. I’d love to be affiliated with LF in some way.



Yeah, they do that a lot. If there were a HumbleBundle ish tweak where we could throw more money your way I would have done it.

Also, regarding imposter syndrome, I’ve been reading about that a lot. I always think I’m the only one experiencing that, but the guy that wrote “You Don’t Know JS” struggles with it too, he said.

Seems to be prevalent in the field of I.T. and Software Development more than anywhere else I’ve experienced.

For what it’s worth, you’ve helped me a lot. I was clinging onto Linux communities by a thread, but there is a ton of putting down and elitism out there. I won’t name the other communities but the toxicity is out of control. You guys bring an old school charm and sort of wit that I can relate too, and you’ve been more welcoming than some of my own family members.

I learned about ZFS from you, SteamCache servers, and probably countless other tricks. Your Level1Linux bash video was worth cold hard cash for what I learned (I still use dirs -v daily).

Seriously with what you do, plus your full time gig, I aspire to be you, as cheesy as it sounds. Don’t ever think you’re not the bees knees, my friend. You deserve everything you have.



The platform needs to make money as well. That’s about what I expected, but it sounds like they said “oh yeah, we think it’s worth 3.5x what you want to charge.” Which is a bit much IMO.


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Heh, yeah. I’m aware of Patreon (I was on their top donation for a while). Something weird happened with my account, and people thought I was someone else, so I deleted it.

I plan on firing it back up, under a different e-mail. Some personal stuff is putting that on hold (nothing crazy, just changed jobs recently and I’m moving).

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oh, and I forgot, opensuses was a requirement for LF certs but I dropped that for the low-teir course owing to lack of time and “you can always just add that later”

This is literally what my monitor wall is setup to do right now. prep material for this course.

It was a LOT harder than I expected to transmogrify a 16 week 1-hr college course into 100/200 level stuff where I have zero feedback from the student(s) about how they’re groking things



Three videos in. Wendell I’m a huge fan of the quote you dropped about Linux being user friendly.

In fact…