No flash past 11.1 for Android ever?

I decided to purchase a tablet for my partner (ASUS MemoPad HD7) for her to play her facebook games on.

Turns out most of them need flash 11.5 or above, Is this going to be a permanent issue or is it likely we will get a workaround at some point?

I was gutted when she came to me with her new toy after only a couple of days with a problem I couldn't fix.



Hate to be the barer of bad news, but Adobe has stopped development since 11.1... Here is their flash player archive  page


What about flashing it with a lite desktop rom?

just got your e-mail I'll find it in a short and get back to you don't know if it'll even work


Flash development for linux in general has been ceased by Adobe.

There are lots of alternatives.

Download Firefox from the App Store, and use that, it has a new open source flash substitute that works just fine and that will allow whatever flash games to run, and it will be a hell of a lot safer than using Adobe Flash.

Flash needs to die.

Actually, it's just badly written Flash things that need to die but since there'll always be morons writing those, next best thing is just to have the whole thing die, or said writers.