No Display using KVM

Hi everyone, I recently purchased a PAAG-E3132B KVM from Level1Techs. But I am having an issue where I’m getting no display output. My monitors are 2 Dell S2719DGF and 1Dell U2713H. I’ve tried doing one monitor at a time and resetting the KVM and computer in between, but I still get nothing detected by the monitor or computer. Usb and HID control work fine though. Any help would be appreciated.

What cables are you using? What source device?

I’m using the Dell displayport cables that came with the monitors. 1st device is a desktop with a nvidia 3070ti and the other is a laptop plugged into a dell thunderbolt dock, I can’t find the exact model but the Dell TB18DC is very similar.

They came with 3 cables each?

Maybe a picture of the cabling would help

I’m just trying to get one monitor working right now so I only have one hooked up. Left input in the picture goes to the laptop dock, middle input goes to desktop, and right output goes to monitor.
Also I realized I’m not using the cables that came with the monitors, but they are some of the thicker ones that I have.

Neither PC shows the monitor?

Wiki just in case you need it ever [Official] Level1Techs KVM FAQ -- Ultimate Guide & Help!

Nope, neither detects the display and the display doesn’t detect anything


the cable on the right that is latchless is a dell cable and only rated for displayport 1.2

Please pick up some fibbr brand fiber optic cables or club3d brand copper cables. Please keep in mind the kvm establishes one long signal corridor such that the loss your GPU sees is the combined loss of both cables. It’s like one 12 or 16 foot cable if you’re using 6+6 or 6+10. Depending on the display you have, it can be picky, and not work trying to throw 12 to 16 feet of cable at it.

Doubly so mixing cable impedence between DP1.2 and DP1.4

“vesa ratings” on copper cables are essentially meaningless. literally the only brand of copper cables that have the rated SNR overhead are club3d these days, sadly. It does work fine most of the time, till it doesnt, then you’re best off cutting your losses and getting a matched set of good cables.

I did some testing with DisplayPort cables, some of which were the Dell latchless cable you’re showing.

Signal Quality

Dell (latchless)


You can find the full results here:

That’s why we recommend getting proper cabling. It really makes a difference between a KVM being usable!

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That jitter is bad, oh boy!

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Club 3D cables worked. Thanks for the help!