No, CNET, myspace is not going to be cool again

So I came across this article while browsing some really old stuff on cnet which didn't help me but at least someone in the comments actually posted a reliable source, anyway that's not the point.. the point is that I saw this "TOP STORY" from CNET and just said wat?


So apparently myspace is saying they are having tons of visits since their revamp but by seeing the comment section you can totally grasp that the visits are of people trying to find a way to get the stuff they uploaded or blogged back, because myspace deleted it.

To be honest I didn't even knew about the update so I said.. welp.. let's give it a chance


HOLLY MACARONI, its god awful, not that I expected any better.

I DO remember myspace being kind of cool I would lie if I said I didn't went there because I got in touch with so much music and bands I didn't even knew of before, anyways myspace is dead for good, not even a pompous title from CNET will revive it.

myspace is just changed, trying to orient itself towards content creators, and not as a facebitch competitor

I used to love myspace. Not because it was excellent or anything but there was a big community of music creators that was pretty close-knit. I only left myspace because everyone else I networked with had left too. Thankfully soundcloud came around and filled its shoes. I'm pretty sure myspace is out, despite any of their efforts to revive their popularity.

I just read Justin Timberlake has part ownership of myspace since 2011? Bad move Justin, bad move. 

I don't really care about either sides of the social network spectrum, but I do hope that something or someone will balance out the freaking useless giant that is facebook. I hope all of them die actually, but in order for the common man to live peacefully, he needs to discharge his crap on a social network of a kind.

I actually prefered the original MySpace design concept as it let you choose what you wanted to keep private, etc and it was easy to read. Then Crackbook and Twatter came out and turned everybody into a reverse order, convoluted stream of mush. The only reason I went more to FB was my international friends. As for how MS looks now? Think Windows 8...and then proceed to bash your head into the wall. At this point I'm not sure I care enough to attempt to recover anything from it, but friend's contact info that refuse to FB.

It will look pretty suck at first, but have a tinker with it and you might see the goodness of it. Sometimes it ain't cool to criticise on when you first use something and later considering it to be the best. Just take back to the time when Flopbook added a twist to the GUI; everyone complained like hungry cows. Later, there were silence about it.


Well to be honest in the case of facebook, the silence was because there was nothing to do, they didn't listen and went on, but they did screw up their interface and the way the system flowed, people didn't went to any other place because all their friends were already there, but not because it was great, actually facebook has always being sh*t it only has changed the kind of sh*t it is

MySpace on the other side was so fucking cool as a network for artists, particularly musicians, I really discovered more music in there than in any other place in the internet included pandora and any other clones.

that's what we all hope.. it just have been too much of Facebook nad only Facebook already.

I think the commercials just make MySpace seem worse. They should probably just face it... MySpace kinda died already.

I have nothing against myspace except the stupid name...

The new design looks pretty awesome.

I will certainly be creating an account ^^ Just because I can.