No Asus Thermal Radar on Sabertooth P67 in Windows 8.1

This issue has seriously driven me to no end for several months now. I can't find the appropriate drivers anywhere on the web. So how the hell do I get ASUS THERMAL RADAR for a SABERTOOTH P67 motherboard working in WINDOWS 8.1. Apparently Asus refuses to give supporting drivers/software for their Intel sandybridge boards for newer OSs. 

I've gotten Fan Xpert 2 working but it is so not the same as Thermal Radar. Fan Xpert doesn't even let you bind your fan curves to different temperature probes on the board. To me Fan Xpert seems watered-down compared to Thermal Radar. 

I've also tried installing Thermal Radar from a Sabertooth Z77 and Z87 board. The program says it cannot connect to the remote server when I click on my fans and the crashes.

This is what I am talking about. Why can't I get it to work? Someone in Asus engineering needs to add the word "compatibility" to their vocabulary.

I've literally tired every known version of Thermal Radar on Asus' website from every single Sabertooth board they have at this point.  

You have got to be kidding me Asus.............


This works I don't know why, but it works!

So apparently if you download AI Suite II 1.01.13 for Windows 7 on the Sabertooth P67 board and try to run the installer, Windows 8.1 will stop it because it "doesn't support this os."


BUT... if you run the installer on a separate partition with Windows 7 on it, boot into Windows 8.1, goto the folder and just click on the application, it will run without that stupid "remote procedure call failed" error. 

I don't understand you Asus. Why does this method work and you can't provide a suitable Thermal Radar installer for the Sabertooth P67 running Windows 8.1? Are you guys serious? I should bill you for the time I spent trying to figure this out. 


While the software does work running it this way, the fan preferences wont survive system reboots and shutdowns. Asus still needs better compatibility with the os though. I honestly would kill for Linux supported utilities like this.