No AMD VSR in new Doom?

It turns out Doom runs quite amazing on a Fury X (who would have guessed). So 1080p just isn't enough. The obvious solution would be to use vsr to render it in 4k. However when I try this, only the top left corner of the frame is shown on the monitor (I had the same problem in the beta). Anyone have the same problem and/or a fix?

borderless setting, full screen is buggy.

find the .exe file and right click on it and disable this setting:

The same problem on Doom 3 😆

going to tell you not do use VSR.

MSAA x4 has about a 25% performance impact, 4k has much more than that (4x the pixels)

second DSR and VSR can cause some WEIRD bugs and even make text hard to read.

Text is only hard to read when on Desktop, though, for gaming it's fine.

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using steam overlay, navigating menus.

what I'm trying to say, traditional AA, expecially when using larger amounts of samples, is a much more effective solution than using DSR/VSR

The problem with borderlesss mode is that it doesn't seem to actually render it in higher than native res because it doesn't look any different, there's no performance difference, and menus are still the same size

Well, apperently the fix that worked for doom 3 also works for doom 4 xD. Thanks a lot!

It's just a Windows quirk.

Well it's shit like this why I really hope the game is coming to linux one day. Though zenimax probably wont let that happen.
@The_Space_Bear Fortunately I don't use the overlay that much so it's fine. Also I just prefer higher res over aa

Doom doesn't run very well on GCN cards right now, BUT this will change with the vulkan patch soon to be released.
Soon, plz, ID, plz.

yeah i know what you mean, though it started to work after switching to nightmare options. (you can unlock them )

switching resolutions around between borderless, fullscreen, windowed, and then it works fine.

start game with following to unlock nightmare settings (sometimes crashes on furyx on 1440p)
menu_advanced_AllowAllSettings 1

It's a game by game basis, some game use MSAA but is too intensive for too little IQ gain in which case an SMAA injection and VSR would be better, some games only has on or off switch for AA, some games only use FXAA, etc...

that is true, but VSR has the biggest performance impact, and can sometimes degrade image quality.

also I don't really consider FXAA in any of this, since its basically a blurring algorithm and doesn't really work.

VSR performance depends on the resolution used to downsample. 4k will impact for sure on some games with demanding graphics, others that are light on visual won't. The same goes for 1440p downsampled to 1080p. A 1080p with MSAA 2x on GTA can easily shave off 5-10frames while same game with 1440p downsampled to 1080p with no AA has better performance. In conclusion, it depends on the ability of the GPU and the game.

i enabled that and i can see the nightmare settings but i still cant set it to that cause of my 4gig vram

I've got it set to "+menu_advanced_AllowAllSettings 1" so the same thing but with a +. Worked for me at least

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That is incorrect. First off to have "proper" downscale at 1080p you need 4k VSR/DSR, otherwise it will introduce artifacts and the sampling wont be even.

Second 1080 = 2 Million pixels, 1440p = 3.5 Mliion pixels and 4k = 8 Million.

MSAA has a 25% performance impact at worst, you will suffer more than a 25% performance decrease when going up to 1440p. Source, I own 1440p and 4k monitors.

that being said, 4k DSR will have about 4 samples per pixels, vs 1080 with 4x MSAA which also has 4 samples per pixel, leading to very similar quality.

I have used Nvidia's DSR before, its horribly broken and many games don't know how to scale 4k images to a size that works on say a 23" monitor (what 1080p tends to be)

It's a game by game basis, I'm currently playing Wolf Among Us at 4k VSR and it's dandy. I use on that game because it lacks AA options, it's a less demanding game, it does benefit from IQ quite a bit, and the UI is perfectly normal. I'm also currently playing Dishonored and the same story applies here, VSR works perfectly fine.