Nivdia or AMD GPU'S (under $1,000)

Here where, i need to extra input on here are my full  editing, create software,  and working programs! I plan to use with window 10 and linux  emulator machine! 

Blender 2.7, unity 4.7.9, Manga Studio ex 4.0, Anime Studio debut, Source Filimaker, Motion Artist , Gimp 2

window movie maker 2, Note pad++, GDL 2, Sony veges 5 or Lightworks 64, Audaclty, LMMS, Ardour, MAXX, spek,

sweet home 3D, Sketch up BRD-cad ,free cad 3D,  ink sacpe, syfing ,Tupi , Front Fage, Cineierra, uRaw, , 

Cinelerra Scribus,  Photo Rec,  digiKam  ,Green Shot. Office 360, word 2014 and Any vedio converter.

Now for the video games:   Video games:Genre's type I play (simulator ,arcade and simulator /arcade )Racing car , Action games combat fight, action Mecha, action adventure games ,MMORPs, RPGS , fight, open world, ,space action ,strategy , fighting ,3rd or first person shooters games and platforms. 

Star ciztien, Team Fortress 2, DCS world, Need for speed 2015

 emulator for ps2, Dreamcast, N64 Datytona USA 2 room.

and lot older games at lest from the 90's-2012. And news from 2013 and up.


1080p gaming with on Samsung S27C650P 60Hz 27.0" One  Monitor




do you plan on 1080p or 1440p for gaming?

1080p gaming with one

Samsung S27C650P 60Hz 27.0" Monitor