Nitro 390 vs msi 970

I was just wondering which of these 2 cards will be better for the long term. If I get one of these it has to last for 2 years. I just want to know which one will get the better frame rates in games.

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390 without question. the 3.5GiB VRAM issue on the 970 won't be a problem now. but it will in a year or so when games start pushing the card. GTA V for example already pushes above 3.5GiBs already. it's only going to get worse. you'll be better off with the 390. especially since it does better in higher resolutions.

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Unless you care about G-sync, power consumption/heat output, gameworks, etc. Performance is roughly the same for both cards though.

EDIT: I didn't make myself clear. I would go with the 390 as well, but what I meant was that the 970 does have pros and picking it because of those perks is definitely an acceptable thing to do. Unless you have a problem with the vram amount that is.

970, it has slightly better performance but on par with the 390, better drivers and features. You can also get a high end 970 for slightly cheaper. VRAM is not an issue unless your planning to game at 4k with it, which you wouldn't wanna do probably anyways. I ran 1440p ultra on all my games with a 970 until a few months ago, and I had no problems with vram, I think i used about 3gb once, thats about it. If you plan going into witcher 3 and putting 8xmsaa and hairworks on, sure your gonna get close to your max vram.

I don't agree at all. lol

8GB of vram is pointless, because by the time 8gb is needed, those cards will be so out of date and people will have upgraded by then anyways, and you wouldn't wanna run 4k on a 390, unless you were happy with 30 fps. I don't know about you but i upgrade my computer every 2 years, sometimes 1, so it's never an issue for me.

You're wrong. Ask any star citizen player, our GPU's are plenty powerful ( I have a 270X) the issue is VRAM. In order to load most of the basic textures in SC (or GTA V, or W3) you need at least 2 GB of VRAM, and that's at 1080p, what happens when he want's to move to a 1440p setup?

My vote goes to the 390, it'll last longer than the 970 by a good few years.

The 390 performing better at higher resolutions is just plain factual. AMD has always promoted that with their cards.

As for the 3.5GiB VRAM issue on the 970. It WILL be a problem down the road. Idk if you've been playing games of this year, but they have been pushing around the 3GiB frame-buffer already. And it's only going to get worse. Mind you not to the absurd extent of 8GiBs. But at most around 4GiB or 5GiBs. The 970, has 4GiBs but it will slow down once it goes above 3.5GiB. which is not good at all, when it comes to longevity.

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well if you krank up some filters, or you wanne use DSR on 1080p.
The GTX970 allready struggles in hightexture games like Shadow of Mordor.
Like Jay allready showed in his Video.

But this can verywell be happening if you play Skyrim with tons of texture mods etc.

Still the GTX970 is still a very good card for 1080p and also some 1440p gaming.

But i think that i would go with a R9-390 aswell, but yeah its of course personal.
Both cards have their pro´s and con´s, in terms of performance they are close, it depends a bit from game to game.