Nintendo Switch Gaming

I figured as I couldn’t search for one I’d start a Nintendo Switch gaming thread. (The gaming sub thread does list ‘all types of gaming’)
Considering the size and breadth of the community there would be other forms people are playing apart from just on PC.

I picked up an OLED after seeing a family member enjoying theirs.

Admittedly we have binged the games and i see about 19 games so far on the shelf.

I wanted to get the GTA definitive edition as i wanted to play it on my switch as a handheld but the reviews haven’t been very good. Its hard to discern which are for switch and which are the consoles/pc versions that are mostly being trash.

Currently waiting on the the new Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl to be released to pick those up for us.

For anyone who hasn’t found them, is probably the best resource to find deals for switch games.

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Started to play pokemon sword while waiting for the new diamond and pearl to release and for some reason sword just kinda feels like a chore, its odd. I also kinda dont like the whole dynamax thing

From what I’ve seen while all versions are trash, the Switch version is particularly trash. I haven’t seen much PC coverage, but according to Digital Foundry the only way to get an acceptably playable experience is to download the PS4 Pro version and play it on a PS5. It apparently takes running it at 864p to run well on the new consoles…

Wow thats poor :frowning: was really hoping switch might have been okay since everything I can see was that it was a mobile port.

Most switch games that are ports i expect to be poop

Dragons dogma dark arisen was chugging on the ps3 and pc it plays great xbox 360 is poooooopppppp

They cut all the fun graphics but it plays just fine

Tony hawk proskater 1+2 is great

Civ 6 is a laughing stock

Most switch games i could play on my ipad a million times better but with no reall good input

I like my switch for retro games and games im comfortable with its honestly shit for anything else


Sounds like a fair assessment for sure, but I’m not too fazed.
I mainly wanted something handheld and I tried a retro handheld which was big at the time and just felt it lacking.
Plus now that I have one, I can play with my family who also have one.
I do want to pick up Tony Hawk 1+2 based on all the good things I have seen

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The difference being that it’s a port of a mobile game. The Android version of GTA III runs just fine on an Nvidia Shield, there’s no reason for the Switch port of that on the exact same hardware to run as badly as it does.

I play Stardew Valley a ton on the Switch, but there’s a major difference between the PC and Switch version: Switch version because of a broken FAudio implementation only plays sounds in Mono with no volume ramping/fader effects, but it plays fine on PC.

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I just bought a Switch (non-OLED) and am considering buying some games apart from Breath of the Wild.

I am looking for both really good single player experiences and titles to play together with my wife.
In your opinion what are the best multiplayer games?

Do I need SD expansion card if I am buying cartridges?

I still buy mostly carts but i have an sd card. There are some games i cant get on carts or that i know a family member isnt going to play that go on heavy sale so i end up purchasing them online. Tbh ive mostly been playing pokemon games

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I’ve had mine for a couple years and the only games I’ve really been able to get into were Mario Kart 8 and Breath of the Wild. I was really excited for Smash but it feels like there’s always lag behind all my moves, and there’s just too much to it I think. The Melee era was the best IMO.

Hoping some day they do a BotW 2 or Ocarina remake. I don’t play anything online any more so I don’t want to pay $50 a year just to get the emulated Ocarina.

Also I never used it in handheld mode. I thought it would be really cool, but I hate the regular joycons and also there’s never a time when really I need to anyways.

I think if you use the cartridges the game is stored on the cartridge so you probably don’t need to worry about running out of storage. If you get a DLC it downloads to the console, but still won’t take up nearly as much space as the whole game.

I’m all digital myself, but if I went with cartridges I’d probably not worry about the SD card unless the space started running low. Otherwise there’s no need.

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I have a small physical game hoard

All first party games play amazing

Ruiner was a amazing port tho I have the jp ed for speed runs faster text load
Dragons dogma is dope and fun but graphics cut back
Tony hawk 1+2 is great and plays great
Civ is unplayable
Harvest moon is great is what you expect
Namco arcade is great for retro games
Ffxii zodiac is great and has better graphics and l+r speed run cause the game is horribly slow
Atari arcade is great

If you can rcm mod there are awesome emulators

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I want to RCM to run Android so it can use LUMIX Tether. Cause all my other Android devices are too freaking old.

Gotta get a 3D printed jumper though cause I don’t trust the paper clip method. Scratches too easily.


So I got the Pokémon Sword and BotW games in. I played around 1,5 hours each.

Pokémon gives me nostalgia, loving it and will probably finish it before Zelda :sweat_smile:

@aLilBabyOtter thank you for the reply about the SD card. As you said there is plenty of space on the console itself while using cartridges.


I could never get the paper clip to work anyways. Bought a RCM jumper for $8 on Amazon. My switch was bordering the hackable and not hackable list. Friends booted to RCM! Will snag that eventually.

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Pokemon for me has been a big nostalgia hit as well.

Filled the dex on lets go pikachu

Sword i find is, okay. Will probably come back to it once i finish with diamond/pearl.

Currently going through brilliant diamond however might need to get through shining pearl to get some of the exclusives to trade to diamond. I did the sneaky and used pearl to get the other 2 starters… I basically got the starter, got to the point of being able to trade and then wiped the save file (using another family members switch) then went through it with the second. Ill wipe that save file and start for a 3rd time on their switch to get it far enough to get their exclusives lol


Haha, I did something similar with VisualBoyAdvance emulator while playing older Pokemon games.

How do you rate Let’s go, Pikachu? Is it worth getting?

I found it quite fun. I didnt want to grind like the original yellow like i did back in the day so liked the exp share… I also found it fun to catch pokemon which helped level as well as the trainer battles. Those 2 points were a bone of contention online for people from what i have seen but i enjoyed it. And while brilliant diamond is even more similar to original art style i also like it as well. If anything i found sword to be the outlier in fun for me but ill eventually get back to it

Probably going to pick up the new Pokemon Arceus.

Gave the gift of Switch life to a family member over Christmas. Being older they wanted South park lol, seems to go okay on the switch except the Fractured butwhole version does crash every now and then. They have completed both of them now.

Anyone got any suggestions on a ‘The Sims’ style of game?? I picked them up two point hospital as a bit of a sim style but through searches i cant seem to see anything else.

I have been playing ‘The Escapists’ and I am bloody trash lol… i keep collecting up some decent items and then get caught and lose it all. I cant even get out of the first prison haha.

In spite of the hate of the definitive edition I picked it up anyway. Have been enjoying playing vice city. It seems a little simple in the graphics and part of it does load a tad slow at time but been having some fun in handheld mode… bit of a nostalgia kick