Nintendo Switch & Game stream?

Hey guys,

I created a bigish post on the PCMR sub regarding game streaming with the Nintendo Switch. Just wondering if we have any developers in this community that have knowledge about developing for Nintendo devices & has a similar interest in game streaming?

Anyone interested in seeing or helping out with something like this?

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This would be very interesting. I feel like Nintendo would be the last people to embrace this though. Even though this feature would sell more consoles for them.

However, I feel like it can be done. I just don't have the expertise to be of any help here.

Yeah I really don't think Nintendo would want something like this on their systems. I'm going to try and get in contact with someone at Nintendo to find out how their eshop policies are when it comes to putting software onto their store and if something like this would be allowed.

I hope this new console dies in a fire in it's current state so no help coming from me in regards to stream this POS. Sorry. :S

Probably not. Nintendo probably won't be doing that, even though it's running off of NVidia hardware, it's Nintendo's decision on this system. NVidia would with their existing services if they were allowed but not Nintendo.

Also, lol, "Open Source" and "Nintendo".

I know, I've created a Nintendo developer account signed an NDA, Will be looking into getting a Dev kit.

Trying to get hold of someone over there to inform me of the types of apps allowed on their eShop. If I'm told they won't allow something like that on the eShop then I'll look into loading code via exploits found by the Homebrew community and do it that way I guess.