Nintendo NX to use NVidia Tegra?

Normally, Nintendo news is especially known for not taking seriously until the system launches, but this piece of news is spreading like wildfire and I find this news interesting from a hardware standpoint. It would seem that my prediction that Nintendo plans on integrating mobile and home systems is coming to reality. Nintendo plans on using NVidia's Tegra ARM CPUs after all (so NVidia finally made a deal with a console company since PS3). As much as I may have disliked NVidia's business practices of late, I still enjoy watching how their ARM CPUs get more powerful. I heavily dislike the state of the mobile market, with apps having ads and just lack of support, I went x86 on a tablet computer.

It seems Nintendo is making the system as a Tablet with detachable controllers (makes it modular, so that's a plus, hopefully they have a good lock mechanism). This sounds pretty cool to me as a guy who has played on the go with a Surface Pro 2 tablet, I doubt it will slide easily with most gamers. This system might not be too cheap neither, we might be talking a $400 console with those specs.

Afraid this is bad news for people hoping for a beefy Nintendo system or a normal console (you expected Nintendo to be normal?), I was hoping that too, but I don't hate this idea AS long as it's properly implemented and they don't force gimmicks on every game (In other words, being able to play on a normal controller), that was my big problem with the Wii U, poorly implemented gimmick (underpowered too for a home system).

Although people have fears that this system will be weaker than PS3/XB360 for some reason, after looking at the NVidia X1's (and even K1's) performance, I have to call bull on that since X1 beats the Wii U and my Surface Pro's iGPU, and if they put X2 or even a Pascal-based CPU/GPU set up, then we will be even further than that on the NX. Unless Nintendo is senile enough to use a weaker ARM CPU/GPU for their system, then that would be bad.

Nintendo also plans on using only 32 GB cartridges? I guess 64+GB was too expensive or Nintendo just really hates optical storage, based on the fact that optical use to kick Nintendo in the nuts a lot ever since N64/PS1/SEGA CD days.

Would have been nice if they had a tablet with x86 (assuming they can even get a beefy enough
APU to not bottleneck too much on x86) and then dock it to a eGPU box solution. However x86 has a disadvantage in battery life compared to ARM, which is why ARM is preferred in tablets and phones.

What do you think about Nintendo using Tegra or the design of their system, sounds like a cool system for me, but seems like it may not work out so well for Nintendo. To me, this is what the Wii U should have been in a way.

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Nintendo just get all the more strange over the years. I guess they are content with the under 13yr old market... That's fine but at some point it wont make sense anymore...

Cartridges have the advantage to be faster than optical disk. But as long as I will able to play the next Zelda I'm fine (and maybe I hope also a new Metroid?)

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if they go with a new pascal based tegra chip it could be fine(who really knows). it shouldnt take much for pascal to get close to or match the gpu performance of the xbox one. if its the tegra x1 ill probably just buy a cheep used wii u to play breath of the wild and xenoblade.

I am so sad about Nintendo...
I understand it is handheld, so it's ok to use mobile chip, but god damn, use a powerful system and stream to the stupid screen...
What do we have now? Nintendo Tablet...

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Seriously Nintendo? A tegra cpu? You are officially competing with android tv boxes and the roku. Good fucking job. But wasnt it basically confirmed that amd was making the cpu for the nx?

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Even that is not confirmed. It is all leaks and speculations, according to "well placed sources"...

Tegra X1 would still outperform the Wii U. Tegra K1 was just under a Playstation 3 in performance.

This is all rumor and speculation. The article this comes from is just a mix-mash of other rumors surfacing around it.

No one knows anything about the thing besides the fact that it is a console (as stated by Nintendo of America President, Reggie Fils-Aime).

people like you are the reason Nintendo is still alive, the fans continue to eat up ancient, beaten to death IP's (no offense to you)

Outperforming it by a little but is not saying much. I suppose if it is like 200-250 and a well designed as a portable system i would consider it. Otherwise getting a used wii u for like 100-150 and snagging up games before they become hard to find would be more attractive to me.

its all still speculation though.

I thought X1's GPU was like 500 GFLOPS, while the Wii U was around 350 GFLOPS if we are talking about performance by FLOPS, although there is more to it than FLOPS.

Zelda is the only game that I do that, because otherwise I stop a long time ago with the Wii and the first Nintendo DS.


I wouldn't take this to heart. There's also been plenty of speculation that the NX would be a dual system. Like an integrated handheld. I would assume while docked to the console you'll have more performance, but will be able to take it with you at the cost of reduced performance. Of course this is all rumor, much like the article.

My concern is the mention of the 32GB cards. If THAT is true then Nintendo still hasn't learned. They continued to use cartridges for the N64 which is why Final Fantasy is now a sony product. They used half sized optical discs with the gamecube. A lack of storage size has been a part of Nintendo's history and one would hope they would have learned from that.

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I just thought since this rumor spread a lot more than the other rumors that it would be true, but I guess it's like that saying goes, "If you tell a simple lie enough, people will think it to be true" or something like that.

As far as cartridges go, actually it's a smart idea now, cause Optical Storage is ridiculously slow for games and it doesn't hold enough, even Blu-Ray is limited to 50 GB Dual-Layer. It was stupid before since discs were cost effective, but this isn't so much the case anymore.

There are higher capacity cards, though. And if the higher capacity cards were just too slow for the system, then I would have spent the R&D budget to figure it out...I mean, most games install now anyways. They could just distribute the cards simply as install files, install the game to the hard drive and then speed wouldn't matter at that point.

The cartridge thing doesnt concern me. Its easy enough to make a cartridge with twice the storage a bit down the road or have more of it download and install.

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I don't really think Nintendo would kill their DS line for a weird handheld/console hybrid gimmick.

The NX would have to be way too large to be a real portable for the sides to come off as controllers and the controllers not be tiny. There's no way a hybrid thing could compete with the DS line with absolutely no backwards compatibility and be huge.

Cartridges would be amazing.

As for it using Tegra, who knows, Nintendo loves putting underpowered hardware in their products these days. I wouldn't be surprised to see a "real" console with Tegra.

Cartridge based... Many rumors keep saying cartridge... Just like the 3DS... On top of that, if that turns out to be true, Nvidia can make some proprietary tech... They love them proprietary crap...


NINTENDEAD! NINTENDUMB! Honestly after seeing what they did with the Wii U and what I have heard about the NX it doesn't sound promising.