Ninja Gaiden (movie)

brought to you by ...Uwe BollÂ

I watched that trailer and didnt see ONE fucking demon! Seriously now, the ninja gaiden games didnt even have that much of a plot, but what was there was centered around ryu fighting DEMONS! it seems that Uwe Boll just makes whatever movie he wants and then slaps a videogame title on to it so it will sell tickets.

also, inb4 "omg the main character is white!"

wow..... just wow..

having taken a lot of budo taijutsu (ninjitsu for people who don't know any better) I can say that there wasn't one move that even remotely resembles ninjitsu... this is typically the case... and it always pisses me off... not to mention that the dude is white... and indeed... where the fuck are the demons?

Best pot of the day^^

ANY hollywood movie that features karate/ninjas/kung fu or whatever are doomed to suck... Especially when they put a white kid in the main role

Any Hollywood movie that consists of a game name. - Sucks.
Any Hollywood movie that is remade of an old movie. - Sucks.
Any Hollywood movie that doesn't have a unique story. - Sucks. (Let's face it, this is the case for 90% of movies.)

Apparently everyone wants to see Will Ferrell and John Reilly. They are two of the most over-used and over-payed comedians of our time, and their comedy isn't that good. Every movie now a days that is made, there is a movie with the same plot line from like 1980 or less and it is usually better than the new movie. The only reason I go to the movies is to go see movies with nice looking effects, there is no point to go to the movies to see some comedy unless it's with a significant other to spend time. I don't even go to the movies for effects anymore either simply because I would rather wait and watch them on blu-ray.

There are a lot of moronic movies of our time but there have been quite a few that i have liked.
300, Star trek, The departed, Iron man ( will probably get flamed for that one), Watchmen etc
I like a lot of the old cartoon/comic book remakes, mainly because of the CGI.

The biggest thing that really p*ssed me off recently was the cancellation of Boston legal.
I know that it happened in 2008 but the final episode just aired a few nights ago here in Australia.

I had never seen it until last night. I Am Legend was actually an okay movie.
The dog scene though... Too much. That would suck.