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Nikola Offroad EV


Saw this, and thought Woah…
Then thought, wonder if it could have slightly wider wheel base, and a generator on the back.
If only I had all the moneys. And a ranch to use it on…

Saying that, even an entry level petrol powered ATV would probably be better… but it is a really cool concept, especially if one had solar panels on the barn to charge it.


Certainly is. Will probably work well for wildlife centers as it won´t scare the animals. The charge with self generated electricity is also good. Loads of farms here have a few windturbines up aswell, so basically free rides.


I just want them to make something in that catagory that has a seat up front and one in back.


I’d like to know how integrated to the body the battery is, because if I were trying to market this to farmers, I would make it a matter of unbolting the battery and lifting it out the back. I know that’s not practical given the size of the batteries but in my mind, if we’re going to have electric vehicles like this, they should be as mind-numbingly simple as possible - A frame with motors, a simple circuit to control the motors and the brakes, a steering mechanism, some seats, a user-swappable battery and that’s it. These things are getting so complicated and so sophisticated, they’re going to cost a fortune to service and repair just like Teslas.


Ehh I think the Bollinger is cooler:


Yeah, does seem better in all regards…