Night In The Woods: Oddly my Favorite Game of Almost All Time?

I have few games that I can think about for months. Planet Coaster/ RCT3… Lego Creator… Fable TLC… Quake / CS… And now this.

Now if you’re unaware of what this game is, or you think its some stupid SJW game, or you’re just going to be a dick about it, please go watch the trailer before reading this post.

In total, NITW is a game about a college kid in basically my small michigan town (almost exactly) who dropped out in the middle of a mental breakdown and is coming to grips with her life that is either controlling her or trying to kill her. She stumbles into adventure wherever she goes, but mostly likes just watching people. Its not a game for someone who expects a platformer based on picture, but if you’re one of those people who played Undertale for the characters, or really loved the writing of something character thick, this is your game. If you’d rather go find a game that is a platformer with cute animals go play super lucky’s tale because its adorable.

As a generic review, and spoiler free, there. If you have played the game, or don’t care, please continue.

So the last few weeks with this game have been… Weird for me. Its a game that I cannot get out of my mind not for the amazing story, but for how absurdly similar it is to my life. And I know that is the point of this game, to be generic and to give everyone a d’awww based heart attack, but its nuts.

So Casey is dead. The first thing I learned about this game was that he was a dead boi and at the end I learned of the cult. It was weird because my one friend that I had in all of florida was murdered last year. They just found him in a park with stab wounds and still aren’t sure what happened (kermit sudoku?). I don’t feel bad, he was an idiot, but I felt bad for a good while about that and I’ve been thinking about him lately, especially when I started playing NITW. Then, the “modernization” of Possum Springs is 1:1 with my town. Down the road from Grand Rapids is a little town that is basically a milling town that is a pit stop. The only reason the town is here is because of a grain mill, 7 metal shops, and a factory that makes salad dressing. Slowly the rich kids that move out of East Grand Rapids (the los angeles of michigan) and “try to save cities” like Lowell and just start pumping money into it. I won’t be surprised if we have a walmart in a few months. They kick out all the businesses that make the town what it is, knock down the old buildings from the 1860’s, and then build the SAME BUILDING and try to make the businesses come back.

And its fucking annoying.

Then outside of world shit, I’m totally Mae. She bumbles around unsure of whatever she is doing just trying to not get lost, is a nervous wreck all the time, and gets WAY too involved in seriously stupid shit. She mixes up words, gets drunk to easily (wink), can’t seem to catch a break with new people she meets and is HAUNTED by people she used to know really well. I know I’m not the only one like that, but come on. Stop weirding me out.

So go play the game. Its good, 20 bucks, get it on switch if you have a switch.