Nice mid tower case

I've recently come into a surplus of cash and the only part that hasn't been refreshed in the past year in my gaming setup is my 6 and a half year old Antec nine hundred. I've got a budget of 150$ and would rather pay less. I am in canada, so not all retailers are open to me, however, i will be in boston for 2 days (10th/11th) and would pick something up in a brick/mortar store as i've got a car there. Also: it must have a window. That is an absolute requirement. Any and all help is greatly appreciated! :D

I would get a good Corsair Case like the Vengeance series or mabye a Cooler Master Storm Scout. Those are both some very well built cases.


Fractal Design Arc Midi R2. $99. Just got one and I LOVE IT. Great cooling options, phenomenal water cooling options, too, if you want to do that. Lots of room for cable management, looks stunning, air filters... pretty much everything a case should be.

I also got this case and absolutely love it! It is also on sale now, so grab it while you can for only fifty bucks AC/AR on newegg.

    I have just gotten the Antek Eleven Hundred. Its a Super Mid but compared to my last Mid its not that much of a diffrence in dimension. It cools exelently and if you ever need to upgrade this case has your back. The build quality is great and I have enough fans blowing from front to back that I could empty the room of air twice in one minute (800+ cfm). Its got a understated style, with the blue color fans it looks like modern art, everyone I know, who hasnt seen one, comments on it and keeps glancing at it while they think I'm not looking. I have 2x blue 120mm fans in front and black colorless everywhere else. If you ever want to use liquid cooling; koolance's exos all in one system fits very nicely on top. With a matching color scheme if I may add. You have your typical amount of 5.5 inch drives for a Mid (3) and the slight extra size means much more Hdd bays and space for Extended Atx Boards. The only reason you would need to replace this case is if YOU break it (Drop it hard, or beat it with a hammer). All in all I HIGHLY reccomend this case. I reccomend it to family friends and the public.

    PS: It has a exelent filtering system. The mesh covering the unused 5.5 inch drives has foam filter material in it, plus the removable (cleanable) filter for the front fans, and the filter on the PSU intake. I had to take the cieling tiles off in the room and didnt realize that there would be allot off fiberglass insulation dust in there... didnt turn off the computer with 100% stress test + fans full throttle and it didnt slow down at all. I checked while writing this and there isnt even any dust in the computer.

    PPS: Only con is that most media portrays an illusion of it coming with manual fan controllers. It dosesnt. The slots are there but the hardware isnt, the only controller it comes with is the controller for the top fan LED, on and off.

I totally hate you right now for making me go to this link... I paid $99 for it... -.-

Totally worth the money... just wish I waited a week... 

For ATX, or mATX?


I've got an antec nine hundred atm. the reason I'm upgrading is for better cable management and a flashier look. Buying an eleven hundred would be an extreme waste.

Lian LI PC-A05, Silverstone TJ04Silverstone Raven RV03, and Corsair 650D.

I want a Corsair Graphite (I think 600T).

 This case looks awesome in gray. The Fractal Design mid tower ( is a great case for the price, but my heart is with corsair. I also thinmk the Thermaltake Urban looks rather cool, as does the Soprano.


Corsair Osidian is only $115 with this code on NewEgg (EMCXMXV92), plus a $20 rebate (So $95 after rebate). This is also a rather attractive case.

Silverstone cases are cool but expensive. I like the Temjin:

I also like this LianLi:

This one is killer as well:

Well, you'll probably hate me even more after I tell you that I got it free of charge from AMD Test Drive :-)

I really like the 650D, only thing is: i want a really quiet system with insane airflow.

I'd like to replace the corsair fans that come with the case with some fans that have blue LED's and can be controlled by my motherboard. Does anyone have brand suggestions?

How about the NZXT Source 210 Elite? It's not bad at all

I like the Corsair 600T. Comes with a windowed variant. Has some radiator support. Good cable management. Good amount of space. Couple of 200mm mounts. Looks good.

It's probably not quiet enough. Not unless you change the fan configuration. Though, if you use the built in fan controller, you could quiten down the fans.

Fractal arc midi and r4 would be my other suggestions. Good airflow, windowed, quiet.

I really like the 600T in black, but they don't have a windowed version of it.

I'm pretty set on a 650D unless i can find an Xigmatek talon in Canada, which I probably won't :/

They do lol. I'm unsure of the last one. 650D is a pretty sensible choice.

I've narrowed my choices down to the Corsair 600T and 650D.

Corsair Graphite 600T +

total: $175 before tax and shipping

Corsair Obsidian 650D

total:170$ before tax and shipping


The 650D is a great little case. You have my blessing.