Nice Hash HACKED!

Does anyone have any new info on this?

I’m reading 65M in lost BTC. Well… at least they are more open, honest and responsible than Equifax and Uber.

Hah this company is from my country (Slovenia). Everybody is talking about it over here and i am just like what did i say would/could happen. Exactly that.

Isn’t 65 million Bitcoin 1 trillion USD?

( If it said in the article, I’m sorry. Too lazy to click. )

Whoops read that wrong. 65 million USD got stolen. Not 65 million bitcoin.

If there were 65 million Bitcoin, We would have larger issues like who’s making bitcoin out of thin air? lol


I can’t wait for Tuesday…


You have the best avi and username I’ve seen on any webforum.

Congrats. And thank you for bringing my life joy.

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