Nice Games?

I'm new to the pc world and will get my first build on about Wednesday.  I was wondering what some of the best games are.  I heard of tf2 so im going to get that.  


And for pc specs my Graphics card it a MSI 7750 any other questions just ask.

Lol, welcome, deffinatly TF2, I would also sugest Left 4 Dead (1 and/or 2), and CS:GO as well as Don't starve, thats a good one. Other than that, browse steam.

Hey Ryan,


What are the specs?

ASrock 970de3

MSI 7750

Phenom II x4 955

8GB 1600



Corsair cx 430, Rosewell Challenger, some extra sickleflows, 2 hdds, 1odd, other misc stuff that doesnt matter


320 gb of hdd running windows 7 ultimate and windows xp

dude you cant go past portal 1 and 2


I might get portal 1 cause portal 2 was boss for ps3

BF3 and Dishonored, or in fact any RPG made by Bethesda

anything on the steam F2P is good, also the open source version of cavestory is good if you're into 8 bit stuff

You can play all released including new games, with lower settings depending on resolution. Portal 2 can run on 2005 midrange hardware, don't spread misinformation.

Kingdom of Amalur: Reckoning is amazing, i'm playing it right now. You should try the Portal games, they're awesome. Guild Wars 2 is a must if you like MMOs. Those are the ones I can remember off the top of my head.