NIC Teaming or SMB Multichannel mess

So quite recently I have setup a server for the family because of the fact that we always wanted a location to house all of our data and I have always wanted to configure nic teaming or SMB Multichannel. I think I am confusing the two types of technology but the issue I am running into is that whenever I configure nic teaming on the server it will loose all connectivity to the network and the only way to get this back is to disable teaming. Any help into how I can get this to work? Thanks in advance

The hardware I am using:
Asus P8Z77 WS
Intel Core i7 3770S
Windows Server 2012 R2
Intel 82574L Gigabit NICs with drivers that Windows found.

Problem at the switch?

So nic teaming is different than SMB multichannel. NIC team requires some special sauce on the switch side, and this generally means you need an enterprise grade switch. SMB multichannel is cool because it doesn't need any nic teaming, and doesn't need any configuration on the server side. On server 2012 r2, SMB multichannel should just work without any configuration on the server side. Just plug in both nics to the switch and it should automatically detect and work.

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thanks for clearing this up. So i was getting the two mixed up. Makes sense now that you explained it. I did watch the SMB Multichannel video that wendell uploaded and i still questioning nic teaming was the same as smb multichannel