Hey thought I'd give my 2cents on the newest nfs. Well I love cars,love tg and loved the nfs series in the old days..until someone decided that fast&the furious was good movie and needed its own game genre. I don't mind bodykits and upgrades but for fuck's sake and bling. shutter..

anyway undercover looks to be a light improvement. I have only played an hour and the intro was cool its got sunshine again cops and looks pretty. so far so good. but u cant get over the fact that this game smells like a console game fixed for the pc. I am sick of pc games suffering because billybob likes his xbox360. if the game is coming out for the pc make it for the pc not for a console and then oh lets morph it into a pc game. the minimap think is made for a controller not a mouse, the car handles like my dads malibu and I know i am not looking for realistic car control (i got gtr2 for thatish) but nevertheless and the ai battles are either fuck as haard ( i restarted the first highway battle where i am chasing an audi a bunch of times cuz either i caught him but fucked up or he drove away without me having a chance of catching him) or soo easy that my 4 year old cousin can do em. I ll keep playing see how it turns out but pls make Nfs the game it was, a simple fun race you can enjoy with your friends without having to go through ea's shit loop of online thing,advertisement and limitations and horrible support.

i liked it good game i was very confused about the whole thing and i hate how u cant put a marker on the map and drive there

i hate teh whole teleport thing iliked to drive to the places

the graphics are pritty nice tho i rekon

noy fantastic it looks like carbon on highest with a better world

at least its not like prostreet

mhm.well i got a bit further ahead in the game. how important are the driver skills u get from dominating races? cuz i am not dominating every race and dont really want to restart it. should I?

Well.. for me, this game was a deception.

I relly mean it...I can't find other words to say that this game is a huge pile of "scheiße". The shadows are ugly, the buildings and stuff seem to be lego-made and the graphics may cause some visual stress for its exaggerated color and odd appearence.

Why to put there a huge city to roam in if it is totally empty?...that's just pointless

I wouldn't buy it, seriously...Grid, or even NFSU2 does a lot better than this one.

(not to mention the ugly blur stuff that is also sickening)

I didnt even bother with prostreet because I knew it would a sub-par "realistic" street racing game. I like the whole cops and Fast and Furious BS. So what if its ridiculous, its fun and cool and a it makes for a good game. I think I will get this NFs because it just looks like MW again and I fucking loved that game!

If you guys wanna hate me for saying this, go ahead. Left 4 Dead Eats this game If you guys are playing this while L4D just came out. If you dont swap over now. Just fall face first on the floor and end your life. The End.