NFC/RFID tags from DT...log?

So I haven't received my rfid deadbolt yet but in the meantime I set this as the link for my nfc chip

It's in my right hand.

@Solomance @DeusQain your move!


Been using the right hand of the beast to open doors all week.

The novelty has yet to wear off and when a co-worker notices I haven't used a card. The conversation inevitably leads to hilarity or a fair bit of interest. Or a lot of "Why?"

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You should use the emo elmo from tickle me emo skit by mad tv

Yeah it blows peoples minds, a fair number said they wanted to get the nfc one for silly shit like this. I really need to get my business card/resume site up, it would have been super useful the other night. I was asked last minute to speak at an event the other night where there were a ton of VCs and angel investor types, they were very interested in the chips but I had nothing to really show them other than a tiny scab and little hard bit in my hand.