Nexus Mods

I managed to have real bad luck along with a lot of other people on Nexus Mods. I signed up a few days ago after getting a copy of skyrim, watching a few modding videos, and deciding that I really don't want my Skyrim to be so vanilla. However, Nexus Mods is having a horrible time right now. They've somehow made a mistake, something to do with a user capacity error, that is preventing many people from being able to log into the site.

So,  I don't know what you all do, but is there any alternative to nexus mods? I really just want SkyUI. I can wait for everything else...

no, the problem was

a: they just switched over to a cloud-based hosting system

and b: nmm used a really crappy method of login

and c:  nmm's massive amount of logins awas slowing down the webservers

adn d: the steam sale has created a massive increase in skyrim owners wanting to mod their game, compounding the other issues

they've resolved the issues, nmm now has a dedicated VM, so it won't lag the site.

Their bug tracker is still listing a lot of people unable to log into the site, so the big issue is still unresolved.

Give it some time. They'll sort out the issues soon. You can try the Steam Workshop while you wait. I much prefer Nexus though.

Well you can still do stuff outside of Nexusmod in the mean time.

SKSE and ENBs would be a good start.

For ENBs ( I use ENB Manager

Its a manual install and for me it won't start up in Java with my own .bat file.

--- snip here ---

java -jar ENB_Manager.jar


--- snip here ---

It makes those fiddly little ENB installs easier.

SKSE ( is required by a lot of serious mods, especially SKYUI ( which is true whether you use Steam Workshop or Nexusmod.

Also maybe check out some videos and some sites. My favourites are:

and although its all in Japanese and has a dodgy sounding name:

A picture paints a thousand words and Dragon Porn often take the time to do custom screenshots. I have frequently found mods that look good, but the original author has not been good at taking them. On Nexus I would have passed them by, thanks to DP I have given them a chance. Also DP covers Nexus, Steam and Indi mods. They also seem to really care, the banner has holiday themes usually.


>Talk about doing things outside of Nexus mods

>Links to Nexus mods.

The site still works, its the mod manager thats currently stuck in offline mode.

I've installed a few things manually from Nexus without to much bother with NMM.

Like I said the ENB manager is outside of NMM so you just get the files from there.